Hyper Scape 0.3 Update Patch Notes (July 12-13, 2020)

The latest Hyper Scape update patch notes for July 12-13, 2020 are now ready for players to read. With Ubisoft’s new battle royale game now available through open beta sign-ups, there will no doubt be a flood of new faces trying their hand at this fast and frenetic take on the genre. Whether you’re new to the game, or a Technical Test veteran, be sure to read through the Hyper Scape patch notes to learn of the latest buffs, nerfs, and other changes to the game.

Hyper Scape 0.3 Update Patch Notes | Highlights

Hyper Scape Update Patch Notes July 12

New Weapon and Hack

The Harpy is a brand new SMG that can do large amounts of damage over a short range. It has a limited magazine size, but a fast reload speed. This weapon will no doubt be deadly in the hands of those that can flank quickly and close the gap on enemies.

The new Shockwave hack triggers a ranged area-of-effect shockwave that knocks players into all directions. Its secondary function allows you to aim at the ground and propel yourself into the air. Shockwave cools down very quickly, with a minimum cooldown of four seconds at full fusion.

New Mode

The Crown Rush Solo Mode has been added to the game. This is like the standard Crown Rush mode, but with every player fighting alone. It promises to be super hectic, especially in those final moments as you try to capture and defend the Crown alone!

Balance Changes

The Hyper Scape 0.3 update patch notes detail a significant nerf that should shake up the meta when it comes to most powerful weapons. The Salvo has had its proximity detonation radius reduced to 0.7R, down from 0.9R.

Hyper Scape 0.3 Update Patch Notes | Full list

Hyper Scape 0.3 Update Patch Notes



Many of you asked when we would release new weapons, here’s the first one: The Harpy is an SMG capable of doing large damage at short range. It has a limited magazine at low fusion level but a fast reload speed. Like for other full-auto weapons it gains ammo capacity with each fusion and an extra damage at full fusion.

The Harpy is intended to be a fast, mobile weapon, with no extra spread penalty for sprint/jump.


Detailed changes:

  • Proximity detonation radius reduced to 0.7R, down from 0.9R

The change on damage from patch 0.2 (released during our Tech Test) showed positive effects but the Salvo is still too dominant in close combat/indoor situations. Although the intention for this weapon was always to be easy to use, we believe it is currently overused in random carpet-bombing techniques.

The proximity detonation radius will be reduced to make the projectiles more avoidable in close quarter combat. We will monitor this change closely in the first days of the Open Beta.



With this patch, we also introduce a new Hack: The Shockwave. This versatile Hack allows you to trigger a ranged AoE shockwave that will propel players in all directions. The Shockwave does a bit of damage, less than Slam, but the ranged aspect opens new possibilities. It also offers a traversal ability if you aim at your feet, you’ll be sent flying into the air. Fusion will lower its cooldown and full fusion will also add extra damage.

Shockwave is the fastest Hack currently, with a minimum Cooldown of 4s at full fusion.



A new Game Event has been added for Twitch Viewers through the Crowncast Extension: The Haste Event. Once chosen by viewers it will boost the navigation speed of all Contenders for a while. It is cumulative with any other speed boost given by Melee or any other ability and will affect Echoed Players as well.

Haste is Viewers-exclusive: It can only be chosen by Viewers that are watching the match with the Crowncast extension.


Detailed changes:

  • Low Gravity Game Event duration reduced to 35s, down from 50s

Low Gravity has been quite popular among Viewers (perhaps less so for Streamers) and created many unexpectedly epic in-air combat moments. However, as with all good things, moderation is key. As we add new Game Events to the game rotation (like we are doing with Haste), Low Gravity will naturally come up less frequently. Still, we think its current duration is a bit long and we’ve decided to reduce it for now, until more Game Events are added.

Keep in mind however that this Game Event is Viewers-exclusive: Low Gravity can only occur when one or more Streamers are present in your match (or you’re a Streamer yourself and your viewers like to see you fly