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Animal Crossing: New Horizons | Is using Nookazon cheating?

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, is using Nookazon cheating? If you’re looking to learn whether using the fan-made ACNH marketplace could hurt your reputation, you’re in the right place. Stick around as we cover what Nookazon is and whether it’s safe to use with Animal Crossing Nintendo Switch.

ACNH | Is using Nookazon cheating?

Is using Nookazon cheating?

Using Nookazon to buy Animal Crossing: New Horizons goods is not considered to be cheating in an official capacity. Nintendo does not prohibit the use of Nookazon; using the marketplace is not a bannable offense. From a community standpoint, the answer is more divisive.

Some ACNH players believe in keeping the experience totally pure. This means absolutely no trading or catalog swapping with other players, but rather unlocking everything personally within your own game. Anybody belonging to this subset of players tends to consider using Nookazon cheating in some capacity.

For most people in the New Horizons community, however, using Nookazon is not considered cheating. Many players see the online marketplace as a convenient way to get the items, recipes, and residents that they want. While making the process painless, Nookazon is often considered to be part of the game’s community element as well. Animal Crossing as a series encourages community aspects and activities, which, at its core, is what Nookazon encompasses.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons | Is using Nookazon cheating?

  • Officially, no — using Nookazon is not considered cheating by Nintendo.
    • You can’t be banned for using Nookazon.
  • Some players do see it as cheating, believing that the goods up for trade and/or sale should only be earned in-game.
  • Most players don’t have a problem with using Nookazon, seeing it as a great convenience.
  • Many also believe that the marketplace lends itself well to the series’ community aspects.

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