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Is there Ghost of Tsushima co-op multiplayer?

Ghost of Tsushima has been getting glowing reviews from most critics, including Game Revolution. With the stealth-action sandbox game looking to be a good time, is it one that gets better with friends? Is there a Ghost of Tsushima co-op multiplayer mode? Keep scrolling as we cover cooperative play in GoT.

Does Ghost of Tsushima have co-op multiplayer?

Ghost of Tsushima co-op multiplayer

Update: Ghost of Tsushima will get co-op multiplayer in fall 2020. Called “Legends,” this free update will allow 2-4 players to join forces as they play together.

Ghost of Tsushima does not feature co-op multiplayer. There is no form of local or online cooperative play in the latest PS4 exclusive. Instead of incorporating multiplayer into the game, the developers chose to focus on creating an entirely singleplayer experience.

That isn’t an inherently bad thing, though will undoubtedly come as bad news for gamers that like to share experiences with their friends. While you won’t be able to adventure in feudal Japan alongside a buddy, there’s still plenty to keep you busy. Ghost of Tsushima is a lengthy game, so the lack of additional modes outside of the solo campaign isn’t too hard to swallow. It’s a similar situation to The Last of Us 2, which is another recent first-party Sony title.

If the lack of Ghost of Tsushima co-op multiplayer doesn’t put you off, then there’s still time to pre-order a physical copy. If you prefer to go digital, then the game is conveniently available to preload right now; here’s how to download it and be ready for launch.

Is there Ghost of Tsushima co-op multiplayer?

  • No, Ghost of Tsushima doesn’t feature co-op.
  • In addition to lacking cooperative play, there’s no competitive multiplayer either.
  • Ghost of Tsushima is a singleplayer game through and through.

While there’s no co-op at launch, there is always the possibility that Sucker Punch could add a Ghost of Tsushima cooperative mode later via DLC or a content update. No plans have been announced, however, so we wouldn’t advise holding your breath.