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Ghost of Tsushima Frame Rate | Is it 30 or 60 FPS?

Ghost of Tsushima is the latest visual showpiece to hit PlayStation 4. The game outputs some astounding visuals as you traverse feudal Japan as Jin Sakai, but does the frame rate keep up? In this guide, we’ll cover the Ghost of Tsushima frame rate on base PS4 and PS4 Pro (including both performance options).

Ghost of Tsushima Frame Rate | Can it hit 60 FPS?

Ghost of Tsushima frame rate

Ghost of Tsushima runs at 30 FPS on both the base PlayStation 4 console and the more powerful PS4 Pro. Opting for the “Better Frame Rate” performance mode on a PS4 Pro system does not achieve 60 FPS — instead, the game remains at a solid 30 FPS.

The Pro version defaults to Better Frame Rate mode, though the benefits aren’t actually that notable in this instance. We found the boost to be negligible while reviewing Ghost of Tsushima, and that was recently confirmed in a Resero PS4 vs. PS4 Pro video comparison. Digital Foundry has also weighed in on the situation, recommending that players switch to “Higher Resolution” mode. Notably, that goes against the tech channel’s usual recommendation of plumping for technical performance over visual fidelity.

Better Frame Rate performance mode drops the resolution to 1080p HD, which, as DF notes, includes the UI and can make the in-game text less legible. Trading off resolution and asset quality gets players a solid 30 FPS performance.

Higher Resolution performance mode runs at 1800p, likely achieved using checkerboard rendering. Digital Foundry recommends this mode for those with 4K TVs, and we’d echo that. The visuals are much sharper, and you still get a mostly solid 30 FPS performance.

Ghost of Tsushima Frame Rate | Is it 30 or 60 FPS?

  • Ghost of Tsushima runs at 30 FPS on both the base PS4 and PS4 Pro.
  • Selecting the “Better Frame Rate” performance mode on PlayStation 4 Pro does not achieve 60 FPS.
    • You’ll remain at 30 FPS, but dropped frames are less common.

There’s still time to pre-order Ghost of Tsushima in both physical and digital versions.