What does added by mention mean on Snapchat?

Snapchat is great for connecting people around the globe thanks in part to its friend tagging system. Snapchat calls these tags mentions, and you may have already been added by mention without realizing it. What does added by mention mean, and how can you mention other users? Read on to find out.

Snapchat | What does added by mention mean?

snapchat what does added by mention mean

On Snapchat, added by mention means that a user added you through a Snap where your username was mentioned. You can be added by mention when you’re tagged in Snapchat stories or individual Snap messages.

If you’re new to the Snapchat tagging system, good news: It’s quite simple. When sending a Snap or posting a story, you can type “@” followed by a Snapchat username to mention someone. When someone views the Snap, a dialog box will appear that will link to the mentioned user’s profile. If another user follows the link to your profile and then adds you, you’ll be added by mention. Easy, right?

Simple though it may be, this system is not without its quirks. In some cases, Snapchat won’t give a notification of times when you are mentioned. This seems to be most common when you’re tagged on privately sent Snaps as opposed to public Snapchat Stories. If you’re wondering where someone got your profile information, it’s probably best to ask them directly.

Otherwise, you’ll receive a notification whenever you’ve been tagged, either in Snaps or in Stories. That should make it easier to track down where new friends are adding you from. If you miss the notification, you can check your incoming friend requests by clicking on the add user button from the main camera window. It’s the one with plus sign (+) next to a blank silhouette, to the left of the switch camera button.

Snapchat’s tagging and friend mentioning system is meant to help people discover new friends. If you’ve been added by mention, someone clearly thought you would make for a good friend.