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How many acts are there in Ghost of Tsushima?

As you play through the 25-hour epic that is Ghost of Tsushima, you might begin to wonder just how many acts there are in this game. When games use “Acts” to split up its narrative, it’s not always clear just how many there will be. Thankfully, we’ve played through the entire game and can reveal just how many acts there are in Ghost of Tsushima. Read on for everything you need to know.

How many acts does Ghost of Tsushima have?

How many acts are there in Ghost of Tsushima

There are three acts in Ghost of Tsushima. The first two are long, while the final act is comparably shorter.

Each act takes place in a new part of the island, as you advance further north. However, the player can return south at any point to finish side missions and continue exploring. Though the game pushes you on to continue the fight against the Mongol Khan, you’re able to continue at your own pace until the final mission. (Once that final mission has been completed, you can then carry on with side missions and grinding for full completion.

As mentioned above, though Ghost of Tsushima has three acts, it is the first two that take up the most playtime. You’ll spend around 20 hours playing through Act 1 and Act 2, while the final act (Act 3) will only take about half of that, with me personally completing it in just over five.

Without spoiling anything, Act 3 starts with a bang and a clear route to the endgame. With Jin’s new abilities and friends, he’s able to move through the late-game missions at some speed, closing the gap between himself and his enemies.

Once Act 3 is over, the player is free to continue to explore the island and continue completing missions. The post-game state could be considered “Act 4,” I suppose, with Jin moving around the island to continue the fight against the Mongols.