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Ghost of Tsushima Best Techniques | What should I spend Technique Points on?

Knowing which moves you should spend Technique Points on in Ghost of Tsushima will help give you a leg up on the Mongol competition, as you invest wisely in the most effective skills. Here’s what you need to know about Deflection or Evasion, and other moves. Before you start spending those points, scroll on down and read through our full Ghost of Tsushima best Techniques guide.

What are the best Techniques in Ghost of Tsushima?

Ghost of Tsushima Best Techniques

When you first start the game, you want to begin by investing points in either the Deflection or Evasion skill trees.

Best Samurai Techniques

  • Roll
    • Rolling away from a potential lethal attack is useful throughout the entire game, so it’s best that you pick it up first.
  • Perfect Parry
    • Perfect Parry is next, which allows you to quickly counter moves and earn a Moderate amount of Resolve. This is huge for recovering a good chunk of health or pulling off a powerful ability.
  • Deflect Arrows
    • Another crucial ability on the Deflection tree. Get this ASAP and start deflecting those pesky arrows!

As you continue Jin’s Journey, you’ll unlock new abilities. These can be enhanced further by investing Technique Points. The following Techniques are what we recommend you spend Points on first:

Best Ghost Techniques

  • Iron Will
    • Iron Will gives you the chance to bounce back into a fight. Being able to absorb a killing blow allows you the opportunity to fight back and come out on top.
  • Improved Standoff Streak
    • This is huge when moving into a big area. Being able to take on up to three enemies per Standoff will fill your Resolve meter and prepare you for a barrage of special moves.

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