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Ghost of Tsushima | Fastest way to increase Legend and earn XP

As you move from being Jin Sakai to becoming The Ghost, your Ghost of Tsushima Legend rank will increase. Complete missions and you’ll notice that you’ll get stronger and a new title to your name. While main missions will allow you to progress at a steady rate, there are other ways that you can level up faster. Here is the fastest way to increase Legend and earn XP in Ghost of Tsushima

What’s the fastest way to increase Legend in Ghost of Tsushima?

ghost of tsushima Fastest way to increase Legend

Hunting down Mongol Territory Strongholds, which are large icons marked in red, and taking down the enemies there is a great way of quickly increasing your Legend.

The amount of Legend increase you get for a quest is shown in your menu. Main missions often give you a “Major Legend Increase,” while side missions more often than not give you a “Minor Legend Increase.” Mongol Territory Strongholds offer a “Moderate Legend Increase.” Not only that, but they’ll often grant you a Technique Point and some valuable resources.

Bouncing from main mission for the major boosts to Mongol Territory Strongholds for the moderate boosts will offer the quickest way to raising your Legend.

As you move to and from these key locations, however, it’s also a good idea to watch out for random encounters. While they only give a sliver of progress towards your Legend, they often only take a minute to complete, with around 4-5 enemies to take out. What’s more, you’ll be awarded with valuable resources that you can stock up on for armor and weapon upgrades, so they’re well worth your time.

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