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Ghost of Tsushima Difficulty Trophies | Is there a Hard difficulty trophy?

If you’re a keen PlayStation Trophy hunter, then you’ll no doubt be eager to learn whether or not Ghost of Tsushima has a difficulty Trophy. With the game offering Easy, Normal, and Hard difficulties, there is certainly room for developer Sucker Punch Productions to force players to endure the toughest challenge in order to get that prestigious Platinum Trophy. Here’s what you need to know about any potential Ghost of Tsushima difficulty Trophies.

Is there a Ghost of Tsushima difficulty Trophy?

Ghost of Tsushima Difficulty Trophies

Ghost of Tsushima does not have a difficulty Trophy. This means that you can play through the entire game on Easy mode and still earn that Platinum Trophy.

Though playing on Easy will definitely help you get the Platinum Trophy more quickly, it may also hinder your overall appreciation for the game, especially its combat system. Though it isn’t as punishing as the Souls titles, Ghost of Tsushima still provides a challenge that can be immensely satisfying to beat.

Though you’re free to play as you wish, don’t necessarily take the absence of a Hard mode Trophy to mean you have to play on Easy.

As we’ve seen with other games in the past, like The Last of Us, Hard mode Trophies can be added post-launch.

It would be interesting to see Sucker Punch add an additional difficulty that is even more challenging than Hard, alongside some additional Trophies. Again, this is what The Last of Us did with “Grounded” and that really elevated the survival aspects.

For now though, players are free to choose whichever difficulty setting they desire, without having to worry about potentially missing out on a Trophy and ruining their Platinum Trophy run.

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