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Is Ghost of Tsushima Based on a True Story?

Is Ghost of Tsushima based on a true story? Transporting us to 13th century Tsushima Island, it’s safe to assume that the samurai epic from Suck Punch Productions is based on a true story, or, at least, based on historical events. Read on to find out if Ghost of Tsushima is a true story or not. Discover below what the background of Ghost of Tsushima is when it comes to its setting, characters, and plot.

Is Ghost of Tsushima Based on a True Story?

is ghost of tsushima based on a true story

Ghost of Tsushima is a work of fiction based around a true historical event. The Mongols did invade the Japanese island of Tsushima in the 13th century, but that’s about as far as the historical accuracies go. The cast of the game is fictional. Jin Sakai, Lord Shimura, Khotun Khan, and the rest of the main cast were made up by Sucker Punch Productions. This is a game that is loosely based on historical events, but the plot is a fiction devised by the development team and writers.

So the answer is kind of yes and kind of no. Ghost of Tsushima tells a fictional story grounded in some kind of reality. There was a Mongolian invasion of Tsushima island in the 13th century, but the characters involved and the story the game tells are a work of fiction. Despite this, a number of plot points are loosely based on historical events. This is a romanticized vision of Samurai feudal Japan with a tonne of historical inaccuracies to boot.

Believe it or not, but the vision we have of a Samurai in full armor and using a katana blade wasn’t true in the 13th century. Samurai used bow and arrows instead. We didn’t see the Samurai we know and love until around the 16th century. Nevertheless, Ghost of Tsushima is inspired by historical events, not based entirely on a true story.