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Valorant error code 0 fix

After getting yourself into the competitive headspace to play Valorant, there’s nothing worse than being held back by an error message. If that’s happening to you, then hopefully this Valorant error code 0 fix will get you back up and running. Keep scrolling for all the troubleshooting details.

Valorant error code 0 fix

Valorant error code 0 fix

No exact root cause for error code 0 has been discovered yet; coming up with a reliable Valorant error code 0 fix has proven difficult for the community as a result. That said, there are several simple methods that have yielded some success and we’ll outline those here.

Valorant error code 0 fixes

  1. Close the Valorant application completely.
  2. Re-open the game and try to proceed.
  3. If the error still occurs, close the game again.
  4. Restart your PC.
  5. Launch Valorant and attempt to play once more.
  6. Still no luck? Uninstall the Valorant app.
  7. Head to the Valorant website and re-download the game.
  8. Once the installation is complete, go ahead and boot it up.
  9. If the issue persists, step away from the game for now and try again later.

By following these simple steps some players have been able to fix error code 0 and play Valorant. They don’t appear to work universally, however, so we’d recommend raising a ticket with Valorant Support if the above steps are unsuccessful.

Many players that were previously able to play Valorant without issue encountered error code 0 after downloading an update. It’s been speculated that the issue lies with developer Riot Games as a result, and won’t truly be addressed until an official fix is issued via a future update.

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