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How to forfeit a match in Valorant

Matchmaking in Valorant aims to group together players with similar levels of skill. However, things sometime get out of balance, resulting in a one-sided match. When that happens, you may consider starting a vote to forfeit. Surrendering isn’t always the smartest option, but at least you won’t have to waste your time waiting for an inevitable loss. Here’s how to forfeit a Valorant match.

Valorant | How to forfeit a match

valorant how to forfeit a match

To forfeit a match in Valorant, press Enter to open chat, then type in “/ff”. This will open a vote to surrender the match. If everyone on your team votes yes to concede, the surrender vote will be successful, resulting in a loss by forfeit.

There are a few different chat commands that can be used to start a vote to forfeit. They include:

  • /ff
  • /forfeit
  • /surrender
  • /concede

When the vote option appears, you can press either F5 to agree or F6 to disagree. Alternatively, you can use the chat commands “/yes” or “/no”.

Remember that in order to successfully surrender, everyone on the team has to vote yes, confirming they want to give up. If the votes are not unanimous, the vote will fail. The match will continue on as before, and you’ll have to wait until the next half before you can try the vote again.

There is one other noteworthy stipulation: You can’t vote to forfeit until you’ve reached the eighth round of play. If you initiate the vote to concede before then, you’ll have to wait until reaching round eight before voting yes or no.

When the vote is successful, the opposing team will be granted wins for all of the remaining rounds. Likewise, your team will be given an identical amount of round losses. As such, surrendering will have an effect on your current Valorant rank (in addition to marring your match history), so it’s best to only give up when you’re sure there’s no way to win.