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Is Rogue Company Cross-Platform?

Is Rogue Company cross-platform? It’s an important question to ask about any new multiplayer game. In a crowded market, it helps to ensure longevity for your purchase and there’s also the added fun of playing with all of your friends. Stick around as we cover Rogue Company cross-play in this guide.

Is Rogue Company cross-platform?

Is Rogue Company cross-platform?

Yes, Rogue Company is cross-platform. The online shooter is currently in early access for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch — cross-play is supported on every platform.

This means that there are no matchmaking restrictions in place. If you’re a PC player that wants to play Rogue Company with a friend on a console, that’s totally possible. Similarly, if you’re an Xbox devotee and want to play with your buddy on PlayStation 4 you can go right ahead.

The addition of cross-play is also great news for solo players. By increasing the matchmaking pool, finding multiplayer game sessions will be quicker and easier across the board. That means more time engaging in exciting shootouts and less time waiting in menus. Considering that Rogue Company is a paid game, unlike the rest of publisher Hi-Rez Studios‘ portfolio, that’s especially positive.

Is Rogue Company cross-play?

  • Yes, Rogue Company supports cross-platform play.
  • Rogue Company is available on the following platforms with full cross-play support:

Rogue Company is available now in three separate editions. The Starter ($14.99), Standard ($29.99), and Ultimate Founder’s Packs ($59.99) allow players to buy-in at different levels of commitment. All versions grant immediate access to the game and some cosmetic items, though the more you spend the more characters and cosmetics you’ll get.

If you were hoping to pick Rogue Company up on PC via Steam, here’s everything we currently know about the potential release date. We’ll keep you posted regarding any official updates.