Towerfall Ascension Secrets and Unlockables

Secrets and Unlockables

One of the best things about TowerFall Ascension is its focus on hidden secrets and unlockables, which remind me of how older games would often reward discovery and experimentation. I recommend trying to find TowerFall's secrets for yourself first, but those desperate for more characters and levels will find the solutions below.

Secret Levels

Sunken City

This one is simple. Just pick random when selecting a level and Sunken City will show up eventually. If you want to speed things up you can set the number of rounds to one for each match.


Play a quick match on all the starting maps. Then play a new match on Sacred Ground and wait for a piece of the moon to break off. This will unlock the Moonstone map.


Complete the King's Court level in Quest mode.


This is both the hardest level to unlock and the coolest. If you pay careful attention to the Sunken City, Moonstone, and TowerForge levels, you'll notice symbols in the background. They sometimes only appear in particular modes (Trials, Quest, or Versus). The symbols are actually three-digit codes that provide a solution to unlock Ascension. Go to the "Archives" menu in the game, scroll to the right, and input the following code if you didn't figure it out already: right, up, left, right, right, down, down, up, down.

Secret Archers

White Archer

Play a Versus match on Moonstone and keep an eye out for a white crystal on the bottom of the map. Attack the crystal three times to free the white archer. Complete the match to unlock the white archer.

Yellow Archer

This one is a bit complicated. First, you need to have all levels unlocked to complete the following steps. There are gold triangles hidden across various Trials stages. You need to find the seven gold triangles and then find the yellow archer. Here is a more detailed account of the process:
  • Sacred Ground II: There is an unlit torch in the top left. Shoot the nearby lit torch to light it and reveal the gold triangle.
  • Twilight Spire II: Stand on the platform above where you start.
  • Backfire III: Drop to the bottom and find the secret room in the bottom left.
  • Thornwood III: Behind the dummy in the upper left corner. Drop down and walk past the secret room to get to it.
  • King's Court I: Underneath the blue rock, though you will only see an outline of the blue rock when the level begins. You need to be quick to reach it.
  • Sunken City III: In the lowest area to the right, inside a secret room.
  • Moonstone III: Collect the bomb arrows and destroy the purple crystal in the middle of the map. This will open up a secret area at the top of the level.
  • TowerForge II: Now we can free the yellow archer. Blow up the breakable rock next to the lower chest with a bomb arrow and drop inside to wake up the yellow archer. Quit the stage and he should be unlocked.

Cyan Archer

Complete The Sunken City in Quest mode. The cyan archer is one of the enemies here and he's tough. He can even teleport, so play cautiously and wait for the right opportunity to shoot him. Coordinate with your partner if you're playing Quest mode cooperatively.

Purple Archer

This one is random, so it may take a while. Start a two-player Versus match on Twilight Spire with the blue and orange archers. Enemies will spawn in the level and you must defeat them. Finish the match and the purple archer will be unlocked.