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The Sims 4 Aspirations List

Aspirations List

The Sims 4 features aspirations, or lifelong goals that each individual Sim focuses on. Players can select an aspiration from 10 main categories, each of which has a few different choices. Listed below are the main categories and their subsets.
Aspiration Subset(s) Bonus Trait
Athletic Body Builder: This Sim wants to work and become as strong as they can be. High Metabolism: It is easier to stay fit and trim when you have High Metabolism.
Creativity Painter Extraordinaire: This Sim wants his/her life to be all about art and painting.
Musical Genius: This Sim wants to be an expert musician and songwriter.
Bestselling Author: This Sim wants to write books and become a famous author.
Muser: Musers get better boosts to their skills when they're inspired.
Deviance Public Enemy: This Sim wants to make enemies and be a famous criminal.
Chief of Mischief: This Sim is all about pranks and mayhem.
Dastardly: Dastardly Sims perform stronger and more successful mean interactions.
Family Successful Lineage: This Sim wants to have a family that succeeds in life.
Big Happy Family: This Sim wants to build a large, loving household.
Domestic: Domestic Sims will see their familial relationships grow stronger faster.
Food Master Chef: This Sim wants to master the Culinary Arts.
Master Mixologist: This Sim wants to know everything there is to know about Mixology.
Essence of Flavor: Sims with the Essence of Flavor make higher quality food and drink.
Fortune Fabulously Wealthy: This Sim wants to get rich and have a successful career.
Mansion Baron: This Sim is all about owning the biggest, fanciest home.
Business Savvy: Business Savvy Sims earn more than the standard rate from Careers.
Knowledge Renaissance Sim: This Sim wants to be good at many things at once.
Nerd Brain: This Sim wants to be both book smart and handy.
Computer Whiz: This Sim wants to know everything about computers, from playing games to Careers.
Quick Learner: Quick Learners build all Skills faster.
Love Hopeful Romantic: This Sim wants to play the field and go on all sorts of dates with people.
Soulmate: This Sim wants to find and live a rewarding life with "The One."
Alluring: Alluring Sims are more successful at romance than others.
Nature Freelance Botanist: This Sim wants to grow plants and become an expert Gardener.
The Curator: This Sim wants to collect everything this world has to offer.
The Angling Ace: This Sim wants to know everything about fishing.
Collector: Collectors can find rare collectibles more often.
Popularity Joke Star: This Sim wants to tell jokes and become an famous comedian.
Party Animal: This Sim wants to throw and attend amazing parties.
Friend to the World: This Sim wants to make and keep as many friends as they can.
Gregarious: Gregarious Sims build friendly relationships faster.

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