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New Valorant character leak and release date for Killjoy

new Valorant character is expected to be added to the game sooner rather than later, with Riot Games previously stating that players can expect six new characters per year. As such, players are waiting for a new character release date, leak, and any other information available to them. Fortunately, we’ve already received teases that Killjoy is the new Valorant character, as revealed in leaks.

There have been various teases players have discovered for new characters that could be making their way to Valorant, but Killjoy remain the most viable. A new Valorant character is set to be released on August 4, the date that the game’s Episode 1: Act 2 update launches. Let’s take a look at the leaks and teases for the character, who could be making their way to the FPS in this upcoming update.

Valorant Character Leak | Who is Killjoy?

new valorant character leak release date

Killjoy — also referred to as Bombshell — is a character that has been teased since the introduction of the Valorant Battle Pass, with Chapter 10 of Ignition: Act 1 featuring a ‘Vertraulich Card’ depicting a mech and secondary turret.

Vertraulich is the German word for confidential, signaling that this is concealed information pointing to a larger mystery. As outlined by dataminer PlayerIGN, the card is codenamed ‘KJ tease’ in the game’s files, indicating that this is related to Killjoy.

Killjoy voice lines and datamine

New voice lines added in the Valorant 1.04 update also show the game’s agents referring to a new character. These voice lines feature the character being referred to as “little engineer,” and Reyna telling them “enough with your robots.” This suggests that the character has an ability which features them making use of droids.

These droids could be related to a turret equip animation that is stored in the game’s files. While these animations aren’t fully-formed, they do appear to show a piece of equipment expanding after being deployed.

These signs point to Killjoy being an engineer character — perhaps existing in the Controller class — who is short of stature but utilizes a mech to be the height of the game’s other agents. They seemingly carry a turret or a robot as an ability, with Reyna’s voice line suggesting that they utilize these robots to keep themselves away from the action, rather than going in guns-first like a Duelist.

Valorant Killjoy release date

The official release date for Killjoy is unconfirmed, though these new voice lines added for the character in its 1.04 update suggest that we won’t have to wait long. Riot is planning to release three new agents within each episode, with Episode 1: Act 2 launching on August 4, which could be the new Valorant character’s release date.