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What is the average KD ratio in Valorant?

For the truly competitive players out there, knowing the average KD ratio in Valorant is a big concern. Being able to identify whether or not you are better (at getting kills, at least) than the average player can be a big confidence boost. Here’s what you need to know about the average kill/death ratio in Valorant.

What is a good KD ratio in Valorant?

average KD ratio in Valorant

The average KD ratio in Valorant, which you can use to assess whether you have a “good” or “bad” KD, is around 1.0.

The reason that the average kill/death ratio is around 1.0 is because for every kill that a player gets, another player must suffer a death. For every KD ratio that is positively impacted by a kill, there is a KD ratio that is negatively impacted by a death.

However, the average KD in Valorant won’t be exactly 1.0, as there are ways to die without an enemy player killing you. Accidentally killing yourself, for example, will negatively impact your KD without awarding anyone else the kill. This means that the average KD in Valorant will be slightly lower than 1.0.

To judge whether or not you have a “good” KD ratio in Valorant, you simply have to know whether your kill/death ratio is above or below that 1.0 average. If you’re above 1.0, congratulations! If you’re below 1.0, then you are dying more than you are killing and could stand to improve.

Of course, getting kills and avoiding death aren’t the only things that make Valorant players good. You can still succeed and win at the game without having a fantastic KD, so don’t fret if you’re struggling to secure those frags, as being a great teammate with communication can help balance out your below-average killing ability.

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