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Cuphead Crossplay | Does it have cross-platform multiplayer?

Given that there’s a new version of the celebrated platformer, it’s worth wondering if there is Cuphead crossplay. It wouldn’t be outrageous if there was some new mode in the PS4 version as it finally joins the family of other ports. So does Cuphead have cross-platform multiplayer with the Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, or PC versions?

Cuphead Crossplay | Does it have cross-platform multiplayer?

Cuphead Crossplay | Does it have cross-platform multiplayer?

Cuphead does not have crossplay. The biggest reason why the game doesn’t have cross-platform multiplayer is because it doesn’t have online multiplayer at all. You can only play the game’s co-op locally together and on the same system.

Given how you can’t play online, you can’t exactly play with another console. Studio MDHR has not commented on the possibility of adding online multiplayer so as long as it continues to be offline only, it won’t have crossplay of any kind.

Of course, there is some slight possibility of the game getting some sort of online mode with Delicious Last Course, it’s first piece of DLC. There’s no attached release date (MDHR has only said “2020”) but it’s possible that it could come with a patch to add online.

However, even that seems unlikely as the team talked about a patch on its blog about an upcoming update that has a playable soundtrack, behind-the-scenes commentary, and some digital art players can look at. There was no mention of online play or online crossplay coming so don’t exactly get your hopes up. Although Studio MDHR did say that Cuphead would never come to PS4 so the team is used to going into previously uncharted territory.

If you wanted to play co-op to make the game easier, you can always rebind the controls or even download this easy mode mod on PC. It may not be crossplay, but it is something that will ease the pain.