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Apex Legends Heirloom Shards Chance | What are the odds?

The introduction of Heirloom Shards ensures that you’ll never be burdened with disappointing Heirloom gear again. That being said, the crafting components seem pretty rare and have players wondering about their Apex Legends Heirloom Shards chance. If you’re looking to learn the Apex Legends Heirloom Shards drop odds, then keep scrolling for all the info you need.

Apex Legends Heirloom Shards Chance | What are the drop odds?

Apex Legends Heirloom Shards chance

The chance of gaining Heirloom Shards from an Apex Legends Apex Pack is 1 in 500. Just like Heirloom gear beforehand, Heirloom Shards only appear in Apex Packs that can either be purchased or earned in-game. You’re just as likely to pull Shards from an Apex Pack as you were to gain Heirloom gear originally; the odds are unchanged.

Realistically, your chance of getting Heirloom Shards isn’t great due to the low odds implemented by Respawn Entertainment and EA. Speaking strictly of the base odds — you could just as easily get more or less owing to the random nature — you’re likely to earn one Heirloom Shards payout from opening 500 Apex Packs. With those costing 100 Apex Coins (~$1) each, getting your desired Heirloom items could prove very pricey.

Of course, you can also earn Apex Packs without spending a single penny by leveling up your profile and completing Battle Pass tasks. The road to 500 in pursuit of Heirloom Shards would be a long one, however. Again, that’s assuming you don’t get luckier than beating the base Apex Legends Heirloom Shards odds.

What is the Apex Legends Heirloom Shards drop chance?

  • The odds of pulling Heirloom Shards from an Apex Pack are 1 in 500.
  • Statistically, you’re only likely to gain Heirloom Shards once for every 500 Apex Packs you open.
  • Those are just the base odds — due to the inherently random nature, you could find Heirloom Shards more or less frequently.

Any Heirloom Shards that you’re lucky enough to get are added to your total. Once you have enough Shards for the desired Heirloom item, they can be used to craft that gear in-game.