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COD Modern Warfare & Warzone | Dev error 5624 fix

Dev error 5624 is one of the most annoying errors in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone. It prevents either game from loading, and provides no details about the actual problem at hand. There’s good and bad news: error code 5624 has a very simple fix, but it involves diving into your system’s BIOS.

How to fix dev error 5624 in Modern Warfare & Warzone

How to fix dev error 5624 in Modern Warfare and Warzone

The cause of dev error 5624 in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone is commonly attributed to XMP, or Extreme Memory Profile. The error most frequently appears when running either game while XMP is enabled in the system BIOS. Disabling XMP should fix the problem.

The most detailed information available on dev error 5624 appears in a single thread on the Activision Support forums. There, users report encountering the error on PCs with a variety of optimizations, including XMP. Having XMP enabled is most frequently cited as the cause of the problem. Fortunately, users on the thread say that disabling XMP fixes dev error 5624. This solution is also backed up by users on several different threads on the Modern Warfare subreddit.

Try disabling XMP

If you’re an experienced PC user, you should try disabling XMP in your system’s BIOS. We know, it’s not ideal — XMP was created to make RAM clocking simple, and it ought not cause any software to stop working. Still, most users report that disabling XMP or even choosing a lower RAM speed setting will solve the problem. It may even be possible to manually define your RAM speed at its maximum while keeping XMP turned off. It’s worth playing around to see what works and what doesn’t.

For everyone else: If you’re not comfortable adjusting your PC settings, we’d advise you not to try anything. Messing around with the BIOS can cause severe system disruptions. A few wrong moves can result in an outright disaster. Your best bet is to bring someone over who knows what they’re doing to see if they can help.

With all of those warnings out of the way, disabling XMP is actually a fairly simple process. With care and consideration, you can try this fix for yourself.

How to disable XMP in BIOS

  1. Shut down your PC
  2. Turn your PC back on. During the startup procedure, press the required key to access the BIOS. This is typically a key such as Esc, F10, or Delete
    1. Hint: The key you need to press to access BIOS should appear during startup, but it will disappear quickly, so pay close attention
  3. Within your BIOS, look for an option for XMP. On computers with newer motherboards, XMP is usually front-and-center, so it shouldn’t be hard to find
  4. Scroll down to the option for Extreme Memory Profile (or X.M.P.) and set it to Disabled
  5. Save the new BIOS settings and restart your computer

While XMP itself seems to be the common culprit, it’s unclear whether or not actual RAM speed has any effect. As such, you should first disable XMP to see if code 5624 disappears. If it does, try manually setting your RAM back up to its rated speed. With luck, you’ll be able to dodge the error and keep your PC at its previous level of performance.

What if XMP is not the problem?

Some Modern Warfare and Warzone players report encountering dev error 5624 in other circumstances independent of XMP. It seems like under-volting, overclocking, insufficient power supplies, and Intel Turbo Boost may also cause this error code to appear.

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to know whether or not any other optimizations actually cause the issue. After all, XMP is so commonly used that anyone reporting problems with overclocking or under-volting are likely also running their systems with XMP enabled.

Modern Warfare Warzone - How to fix dev error 5624

The only way to know for sure is to first disable XMP in your BIOS. If code 5624 still appears, you may be able to fix the problem by removing or disabling any overclocking software. The same goes for under-volting tweaks or Intel Turbo Boost: If you know it’s running, try to disable it.

Barring all of that, if dev error 5624 continues to appear, we recommend getting into contact with Activision Support. It’s frankly ludicrous that you’d have to disable common PC optimizations to get a game to run, but since you’ve already paid for the product, you’re entitled to some answers.