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Redd’s Raffle prizes and items list for Animal Crossing: New Horizons

The Redd’s Raffle prizes in the new Animal Crossing: New Horizons update allow players to receive a bunch of rewards during the new fireworks show. These new Redd’s Raffle items have been added to the Nintendo Switch game as part of its new update, with you able to get them from Redd in the plaza by the Resident Services building.

But what are all the Redd’s Raffle prizes? Take a look below for the full list of items you can get from Redd in the new Animal Crossing update.

Redd’s Raffle prizes list

The full list of Redd’s Raffle prizes is as follows:

  1. Red sparkler
  2. Blue sparkler
  3. Fountain firework
  4. Bubble blower
  5. Uchiwa fan
  6. Pinwheel
  7. Tweeter
  8. Blue balloon
  9. Red balloon
  10. Yellow balloon
  11. Green balloon
  12. Pink balloon

How to get Redd’s Raffle items

To get the Redd’s Raffle items, you must log on to Animal Crossing: New Horizons each Sunday (starting August 2) from 7 PM. The fireworks show will begin at this time, with Redd’s Raffle appearing in the plaza.

Each raffle ticket costs 500 bells, giving you access to some holiday-themed items that will allow you to join in the celebrations.