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When is Rogue Company going to be free-to-play?

When is Rogue Company going to be free-to-play? The tactical online shooter is currently in closed beta, though players have to pay to gain access. If you’re patient enough, however, it’s been confirmed that Rogue Company will eventually go F2P. In this guide, we’ll cover all the latest info on the Rogue Company free-to-play release date.

When is Rogue Company going to be free? | F2P release date

When is Rogue Company going to be free?

Hi-Rez Studios hasn’t revealed when Rogue Company is going to be free. Although there isn’t an exact free-to-play release date, it’s been confirmed that the game will transition to being F2P in the future. Details on the free version will be shared in due course, though, in the meantime, you can opt to purchase one of three Rogue Company Founder’s Packs for instant access.

Anybody familiar with Hi-Rez‘s popular MOBA Smite may have experience with this release format. The timeframe between the Smite closed beta — which you could buy into via a Founder’s Pack — launching and the game’s final release was almost 22 months. If Rogue Company were to spend the same amount of time in beta and transition to a free-to-play model alongside its official launch, the game would be F2P in May 2022.

Of course, Rogue Company isn’t Smite. It’s likely that the two games will follow different paths, though current world events and the shift towards working from home could cause delays. Essentially, Rogue Company might not be free anytime in the immediate future.

If you want to play now, Rogue Company Founder’s Packs come in Starter ($14.99), Standard ($29.99), and Ultimate ($59.99) variations with each including additional content over the last.

When is Rogue Company going to be free-to-play?

  • No Rogue Company F2P release date has been revealed yet.
  • Hi-Rez Studios’ Smite spent almost two years in beta.
  • Though they’re different games, this could indicate that Rogue Company won’t be free for a while.