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Persona 4 Arena Ultimax Xbox360 Cheats

General Tips

1) Use Mitsuru, Chie, and Sho if you're starting out. They all have large hitboxes, have generous range, and are quick enough that you'll hit fast and often.

2) Get your statuses down:

- Being Shocked (electric bolt) means you can't move but you can still use dashes and special moves that move your character around to move around the stage.

- Poison (purple bubbles) hurts your HP and so can't really do much about it.

- Being Charmed (pink hearts) will drain your SP and give it to the opponent.

- Having fear (skulls) will make any hit your opponent makes a Fatal Counter which stuns your character more than normal.

- Rage (red steam) will increase your attack but make you unable to block.

- Being Muted (speech bubble with "...") disables your Persona attacks.

- Being Frozen (ice) disables you entirely, but you can shake out of it by moving back and forth quickly.

- Panic (star) is the worst in my opinion since it inverts all of your left and right commands. It's a pain.

3) Dash appropriately. Evading moves and getting out of corners is important to your defense and for setting up combos. Air dashing, in particular, can help you create space or rush in for an air-based combo.

4) Remember that Burst interrupts an enemy's combo, so keep it in mind if you think that your enemy is starting a sequence of attacks that might dish out a huge amount of damage. It may be time to unleash a burst and stop the assault, or perhaps you have enough life to save it for a more desperate time.

5) Don't rely on the S Hold system. The amount of time it takes to charge any of the moves leaves you far too wide open. The only time to use it would be to frighten your opponent a little, but most human opponents won't be fooled by this too often so use it sparingly.

General Tips - Golden Arena Mode

1) Have at least one healing ability equipped. Endure and Enduring Soul will increase your character's survivability by automatically giving your character a health boost when it reaches yellow territory. But the Dia-based abilities are much better since you can trigger them any time you want. Better yet, you can heal yourself right before you score the knockout so as not to waste the ability and gain some healing before the next match.

2) Use Auto Mode for grinding purposes. Once your character is a high enough level, he or she can grind through the lower-level courses with relative ease. At that point, you can set it and forget it while you do other things. The only thing you'll need to do is select skills when you earn new ones. In this way, you won't need to put any stats into luck unless you absolutely want to earn experience points faster.

3) The max value for each stat is 200 so keep that mind when you allocate the three bonus stats at every level up. Also be aware that even when you reach Level 99, you can continue earning experience and extra stats.

4) For a breakdown of stats, Strength increases your attack value damage while Magic increases your SP accumulation when you're damaged or hit with attacks. Endurance increases your life bar, while Agility improves the rate at which your accumulates Burst meter. Luck boosts your experience gains, which is largely unnecessary if you set Auto Mode to grind in the background.

5) Your character can only equip four skills, earned from boss battles every five levels or by leveling up. So pick the ones you want carefully. Take a look at the Skill Guide for advice and a list of all the available skills (and where you can find them).

6) Always be on the lookout for enemy abilities that can change the battle entirely around. Skills like Absorb Ice and Absorb Elec will heal the opponent if you use those elemental types against them. Tetrakarn and Makarakarn will bounce Skill and SP Skill damage back at you. Skills like God's Judgment will knock your health by half right from the get-go, so be careful!




The P-1 CLIMAX Begins!Welcome to P4AU!
Arcade NoviceYou completed Arcade Mode with one character.
Arcade MasterYou completed Arcade Mode with three characters.
Score AttackerYou completed one Score Attack Course.
Score WarriorYou completed three Score Attack Courses!
Score MasterYou completed five Score Attack courses!
Brave GladiatorYou raised a character to level 10 in Golden Arena Mode!
Daring GladiatorYou raised a character to level 30 in Golden Arena Mode!
Heroic GladiatorYou raised a character to level 50 in Golden Arena Mode!
Not Unlike a BossYou defeated a boss character in Golden Arena Mode!
Arena DabblerYou completed one Golden Arena course.
Arena ExperienceYou completed two Golden Arena courses!
Arena DominationYou completed three Golden Arena courses!
Irreplaceable BondYou maxed out a Social Link in Golden Arena Mode!
Baby StepsYou started on the road to knowledge.
Cram SessionYou studied 20 different Lessons.
30 Minute WorkoutYou Trained for 30 minutes straight!
Don't Think, FeelYou completed all of one character's challenges!
Combination FighterYou completed 150 challenges!
Combination MasterYou completed 300 challenges!
P4AU PlayerYou reached Level 30 in Network Mode.
Battle Hymn of the SoulYou did battle against all the different characters in Network Mode.
Investigation TeamYou defeated all the Shadow characters playing in Network Mode.
The True SelfYou fought your own Shadow type in Network Mode!
First Victory!You won your first Network match!
Tried and TrueYou completed 20 Network matches.
ThoroughYou completed 50 Network matches.
Rock SolidYou completed 100 Network matches.
Wildcard MasterYou used all the characters in Network Mode!
The Manly Way BeginnerYou reached Grade F.
The Manly Way - Fierce FightingYou reached Grade E+.
The Manly Way - Mortal CombatYou reached Grade C.
Midnight RerunYou watched a replay in the Theater. Was it everything you dreamed of?
You're on My ListYou've registered a Rival in the Player List.
Mashy MashyYou pulled off 100 Auto Combos in Arcade or Network Mode.
100 Furious StoriesYou performed 100 Furious Actions in Arcade or Network Mode.
Ultimate Suplex HoldYou used the S Hold System 10 times in Arcade or Network Mode.
World Class SP SkillsYou won 30 rounds with SP Skills or Awakened SP Skills in Arcade or Network Mode.
You're Not Me!You went on a Shadow Frenzy!
Advanced Fishing ManualYou performed 10 Fatal Counters in Arcade or Network Mode.
Awakened SP Skill Boosts Made EasyYou used an Awakened SP Skill Boost in Arcade or Network Mode.
The Punk's WayYou defeated an opponent without letting them Awaken in Arcade or Network Mode.
The Divine WayYou successfully used each character's Instant Kill move in Arcade or Network Mode.
Good Job!You achieved a Perfect victory in Arcade or Network Mode!
The P-1 Climax is Over!You completed Story Mode from the P4 perspective.
Shadow OperativeYou completed Story Mode from the P3 perspective.
A New JourneyYou witnessed the story's True Ending.
Cleanup Grand SlamHit a home run with the bases loaded, full count and two outs in Arcade or Network Mode.
Nice Burst!Failed a Reversal Burst in Arcade or Network Mode.
Fishing for BeginnersYour opponent failed a Reversal Burst in Arcade or Network Mode.