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Valorant Error Code 40 | How to fix

Is Valorant experiencing an error connecting to the platform? If so, you’re probably encountering error code 40. This is one of the game’s more common error codes, but that doesn’t make it any less frustrating. Fortunately, knowing how to fix error code 40 is simple once you understand the root of the problem.

Valorant | How to fix error code 40

Valorant how to fix error code 40

Error code 40 in Valorant usually appears during times of server maintenance. The game experiences an error connecting to the platform because the platform itself is down. Don’t worry, code 40 will fix itself in time — you just need to wait until servers are back up and running.

The most common fix for Valorant error code 40 is to restart the game client. In simplest terms, this means you need to close the game and boot it back up. However, that fix won’t work if the game servers are down. You’ll simply have to wait it out.

Valorant has a lot of numbered error codes, but many of them aren’t detailed on the official Riot Games Support website. Code 40 is among the growing list of errors without any kind of formal definition.

Luckily, there’s a simple way to find out if error code 40 is popping up due to server outages. You can find out if servers are down through the Riot Games Server Status website. If issues with Valorant appear, rest assured that’s why code 40 has popped up. Alternatively, you can follow the official Valorant Twitter account for the latest server status updates. This is especially useful in the case of unplanned server outages or downtime.

If Valorant error code 40 is keeping you from the game, you’ll have to wait it out. This error typically appears when servers go down for planned maintenance. Fortunately, server updates usually don’t take long. Hang out for a bit and you’ll be back in the game before you know it.