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Is it safe to spoof Pokemon Go in 2020?

Is it safe to spoof Pokemon Go in 2020? With PoGo players on iOS and Android understandably struggling to get out and about in 2020, can Pokemon Go spoofing be a good solution? Find out in this Pokemon Go spoofer guide.

Is it safe to spoof Pokemon Go in 2020?

Is it safe to spoof Pokemon Go in 2020

No, spoofing Pokemon Go isn’t safe in 2020 or any other year. The deceptive spoofing practice (convincing the game you’re somewhere that you aren’t) is a bannable offense for any player caught doing so. Third-party Pokemon Go spoofing apps exist and claim to prevent you from getting banned, but these should not be used. Don’t give any spoofing application access to your device and/or personal details, or put the safety of your Pokemon Go account in their hands.

Using a spoofing app could easily prove detrimental to you. Not only that but spoofing the game also takes most of the fun out of it, going directly against the experience that developer Niantic intended. Though it’s more difficult than usual at the moment, you should (safely) get out and about while enjoying Pokemon Go.

Additionally, the game has adapted to life in lockdown with plenty of catered sales, events, and gameplay tweaks. You can still play Pokemon Go in 2020 without the need for a spoof app.

Is Pokemon Go spoofing safe in 2020?

  • No, it isn’t safe to spoof Pokemon Go in 2020.
  • If you’re caught spoofing, your account will be banned.
  • Several smartphone applications claim to hide spoofing activity — we don’t recommend using them.
  • Spoofing apps shouldn’t be trusted with access to your device, personal information, or the security of your account.

Again, when you take the potential dangers into account it isn’t worth spoofing Pokemon Go in 2020 or after. Especially when the game has adapted to better suit life in lockdown.

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