Fall Guys Missing Username Steam | Why is my ID replaced with “Fall Guys ####” on PC

Fall Guys players are finding that their usernames are being replaced by generic text on PC. If you see that your regular username is now “Fall Guys ####,” you’re not alone. On Steam, people are seeing their regular ID replaced by this generic text.

How to fix Fall Guys username missing

Fall Guys is a smash hit, one which its relatively small development studio didn’t anticipate. Because of this, the servers have been hit hard, and repeated issues and outages have occurred since launch. However, usernames missing on PC isn’t a bug. Since you can freely change your Steam display name, people were using displaying inappropriate and abusive IDs in-game and using the function to break the UI.

Other than the inconvenience of not seeing your actual ID, this bug doesn’t seem to cause any issues. You’ll still receive currency and achievements as usual. The only bad part about it is that you can’t have someone’s real username to hate them forever when they start grabbing you when you’re right at the finish line.

As far as Fall Guys issues go, this one is relatively benign. It’s easy to understand the game having issues. The Twitter account alone has ballooned to over 400K followers, gaining over 350,000 of those in the last week alone. The game is free on PS Plus and reached 115,000 peak players in the last 24 hours. Needless to say, it’s fairly popular.

Unlike most games that achieve this high player count, Fall Guys isn’t a AAA production. It’s made by Mediatonic, a small company that previously produced mostly mobile and web games. They’ve had some more notable titles like Gears Pop! and Hatoful Boyfriend, but Fall Guys is by far their most successful game at launch so far.

The best fix for your username being replaced by a generic ID in Fall Guys is just to hold tight. The team has been quick about solving errors and issues with the game since launch, and we’ll likely see a solution within the next few days.