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What is the rarest Fall Guys skin?

With no character or weapon upgrades to worry about, players are all focused on getting the best Fall Guys outfit. Keeping that in mind, what is the rarest Fall Guys skin? Keep scrolling to find out in this rare Fall Guys skins guide for PC and PS4.

What is the rarest Fall Guys skin?

What is the rarest Fall Guys skin?

Although it’s impossible to say definitively without hard game data, the rarest Fall Guys skin is probably the Gordon Freeman Headcrab Variant costume. This is due to the skin being an exclusive Steam pre-order bonus, meaning that if you play on PS4 — as a majority of players do, thanks to the free PS+ launch —  there’s no way to get it. If you play on PC but didn’t pre-order Fall Guys ahead of launch, then you’re also out of luck. Those are pretty big qualifiers and restrictions, already making the skin rare and ensuring it’ll only get rarer with time.

Another Fall Guys skin that will grow increasingly rare is the Big Bad Wolf costume. All launch week payers were automatically granted this skin, but anyone that’s slightly late to the Fall Guys party will, unfortunately, miss out. More time-limited skins are likely to follow and prove similarly rare, though in the grand scheme of Fall Guys‘ lifespan launch week is a small window and relies on early adoption.

What Fall Guys skin is the rarest?

  • There’s no exact word from Mediatonic regarding the rarest skin.
  • We’d estimate that the Gordon Freeman Headcrab Variant Fall Guys skin is probably the rarest.
  • This is due to a couple of factors:
    • The skin is a platform exclusive.
    • The skin was a pre-order bonus.
  • Only PC players who pre-purchased have the skin.
  • PS4 players and anybody that bought Fall Guys for PC on or after launch day can not get the skin.

Of course, there are several more top-tier Fall Guys skins that are pretty rare as well. Check out our list of Epic and Legendary skins for more.