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Wolfenstein: The New Order Weapon Guide

Weapon Guide

AR Marksman
  • This weapon first appears in the Wyatt timeline checkpoints and the London Nautica mission.
  • The plasma rifle firing mode is unlocked on the Lunar Base.
  • The AR Marksman is great for hitting enemies from a distance, but it also has a full automatic plasma rifle mode. At that point, the gun uses energy instead of ammo.
  • Robots and Super Soldiers often have heavily plated armor that shields them from the AR Marksman's regular ammunition.

Assault Rifle

  • The Assault Rifle has 1946 and 1960 versions, like some other weapons in the game.
  • The 1946 version is good against big groups of enemies and does more damage than the Submachine Gun. The recoil makes it hard to control though.
  • The 1960 functions similarly, but has a better rate of fire and much less recoil. Dual wielding the weapon also works effectively.
  • The Assault Rifle can be upgraded with an alternate firing mode that uses rockets instead of bullets.

Automatic Shotgun

  • Found after B.J. enters the Eisenwald Prison to save the resistance fighters.
  • Good for killing enemies with a lot of armor at close range.
  • The shotgun has a standard buck and a ricochet shot.
  • The shotgun is most effective against human enemies; robot enemies are far more resistant to the weapon.
  • Careful when you use the ricochet shots, as they can also harm the player in certain situations.

Double-Barreled Shotgun

  • Found in the asylum.
  • This is an even more powerful shotgun, one in which a headshot is not necessarily needed to kill an enemy.
  • It also takes out aerial drones in one shot.
  • This shotgun reloads after two rounds, so be careful when using it. Know when to fire the weapon and when to retreat and reload.

Hand Grenade

  • The arc of the throw can take some getting used to.
  • Hand grenades are a great way to get enemies to move out of cover. Hitting them in the process is an added plus.
  • Grenades can be upgrades by completing feats and unlocking perks.


  • Like the Assault Rifle, the handgun has 1946 and 1960 versions.
  • The handgun can be upgraded with a silencer, making it a great weapon for stealth approaches.
  • Headshots are a great way to kill enemies in one shot, especially enemy officers.
  • The 1960 version has a burst shot mode and an item that reduces recoil for the more rapid fire approach.
  • Attaching a silencer to the 1960 handgun changes its fire mode to semi-automatic.


  • The knife is an effective weapon for stealth takedowns.
  • After a certain number of takedowns, players can throw knives. This allows stealth takedowns from a distance.
  • Knives can be picked up from dead bodies.

Laser Cutter

  • Less of a weapon and more of a device used to cut through chains and fences in Eisenwald Prison. It can do a small amount of damage though.
  • After Eisenwald Prison, a secondary firing mode is unlocked in which the Laser Cutter shoots energy blasts.
  • It requires recharge stations instead of traditional ammo.


  • A hybrid weapon that does damage and also serves the same purpose as the Laser Cutter.
  • Found in London Nautica in a test case.
  • Robot enemies will likely drain the weapon's energy with EMP.
  • The Laserkraftwerk is an effective weapon against Super Soldiers and heavily armored enemies.
  • This weapon has many useful upgrades that make it a lot more powerful.
  • One of the best upgrades is Reflector, which reflects laser beams off surfaces.

Machine Gun

  • The last weapon with 1946 and 1960 versions.
  • The machine gun is usually on a mount, but it can be removed and taken with the player.
  • The 1960 version uses energy/electricity, so recharge stations are needed if the player takes it with him/her.
  • The 1960 machine gun does a ton of damage, but also leaves the player open to attacks.
  • Super Soldiers often use this weapon.


  • The sub-machine gun is the first weapon players use as protagonist B.J. Blazkowicz.
  • The SMG has decent rate of fire, medium power, and low recoil. There may be other preferable weapons, but it's certainly reliable.
  • This weapon cannot be upgraded.

Tesla Grenade

  • A grenade that uses an explosive EMP charge.
  • This grenade is great against mechanical enemies like the Super Soldier and Panzerhund.
  • You have to be close enough to use the grenade, as it doesn't have great range.