Final Kick Android Cheats

Tips and Tricks

The speed of drawing the line is important, as it affects the ball speed.

Keep in mind a precise shot is sometimes better than a powerful one if it cannot be blocked.

To access special shots you'll have to enter to the "Special" tab of a player's stats screen.

Shoot at the sides at medium or high height because those are the most difficult shots to block. Or try to make your shots curve.

As a goalie watch the trajectory of the incoming ball then drawing a line from your goalie to it.

As in shooting the ball the speed of the line being drawn affects how fast the goalie moves.

Focus on training the following skills in order: Power, Effect and Stamina. This way you'll get the most.

Spend coins on upgrading special skills like the Panenka.

Purchase better boots to gain extra power and effect stats.

You can always watch advertising videos to 20 free coins.