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Can you get Fall Guys on Mac?

Can you get Fall Guys on Mac? Any fan of Apple computers is sure to be wondering if they can get in on the recent Fall Guys craze, but is it is actually possible? In this guide, we’ll detail everything you need to know about a Fall Guys Mac version.

Is Fall Guys available on Mac?

Can you get Fall Guys on Mac?

Fall Guys isn’t available on Mac at the time of writing. You can only get Fall Guys on PC and PS4, with developer Mediatonic “focusing on” those platforms right now. The devs would “love” to bring Fall Guys to additional platforms in the future, however, which could include Mac.

The spicy Fall Guys Twitter account confirmed that the game could eventually reach new platforms, though its tweet shouldn’t be taken as confirmation of a Fall Guys Mac port.

While the tweet could be referencing additional console versions for Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, nothing serves to rule Mac out. There’s certainly demand for a Mac version, but only time will tell if that ultimately amounts to anything.

Can you get Fall Guys on Mac?

  • No, Fall Guys is not currently available on Mac.
  • The developers are open to releasing Fall Guys on more platforms in the future.
  • Any additional platforms have not yet been specified, so may or may not include Mac.

Mac has a smaller gaming userbase than the Xbox, for example, but there’s also much less competition on the platform. As a result, it can still prove fruitful to release Apple Macintosh versions of games — especially popular games like Fall Guys.

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