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Fall Guys Max Rank | What is the maximum level cap?

What is the Fall Guys max rank? Now that players have spent some serious time with Fall Guys, many are wondering when they’ll hit the maximum level cap. Stick around to learn when exactly you’ll hit the highest rank in Fall Guys.

Fall Guys Max Rank | What is the highest level cap?

Fall Guys max rank

The Fall Guys max rank is level 40. Once you hit rank 40, you’ve completed the current Fall Guys Battle Pass and must wait for the following Season to start earning in-game rewards again. The last few levels will take quite a bit of grinding, so be sure to leave yourself plenty of time if you want to hit the max Fall Guys rank before being reset at the start of the next Season.

To level up in Fall Guys and gain progress towards reaching the max level, you just need to keep playing the game. You earn Fame for competing in Shows, which is just a cute way to frame earning experience points by playing matches. Of course, the better you do in a match the more Fame you’ll earn. For tips on how to get better, check out our guide on the hardest Fall Guys Achievement/Trophy.

Fall Guys Max Rank | What is the maximum level?

  • The max Fall Guys rank is 40.
  • Fall Guys has a seasonal structure, which means your rank resets with each new Season.
  • Reaching the highest Fall Guys level takes a bit of grinding, so don’t leave it too late if you want to unlock all of the current Season’s items.

It’s possible that Mediatonic might elect to increase the Fall Guys level cap in the future. With the unique battle royale game proving more popular than anticipated, the max rank could be upped to keep players busy for longer. Higher revenue than expected could also allow the team to create more items with which to fill out larger Battle Passes.