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How to get Fall Guys Infallible trophy and achievement

The Fall Guys Infallible trophy is the hardest trophy/achievement to unlock in the game, with its developers even saying that it’s near-impossible for players to get their hands on. With the trophy available to unlock on PS4 and the achievement available to unlock on Steam, many players are wondering just what makes it so difficult, and if they stand a chance of getting it. So what is the Infallible trophy in Fall Guys, and is it really that hard to get it?

Fall Guys Infallible trophy and achievement guide

Fall Guys‘ Infallible trophy and achievement is awarded to players who win five games in a row.

This is a huge task considering each show places 60 players against one another in a last man standing battle to the end, meaning that those who want to earn the Infallible trophy will essentially need to beat 295 players spread across the five shows.

Each show takes place across five rounds, meaning that players will need to make their way through 25 rounds in order to get the Infallible Trophy without being eliminated. Considering that Fall Guys isn’t entirely skill-based and that there’s a strong element of luck involved, it will take a lot of time (and patience) to unlock this particular trophy/achievement.

However, there may be hope for an easier way to get it in the future. Mediatonic’s Lead Game Designer Joe Walsh stated on Reddit that the team is likely add easier ways to win in the future. It sounds like an offline mode or something else that you could easily cheese. Given that likelihood, you’re better off waiting than grinding your head against the wall in order to overcome luck and get this hard, hard trophy.

How to unlock Fall Guys Infallible trophy and Platinum trophy

The Fall Guys Infallible trophy is your first step on your way towards getting a Platinum trophy, given that it’s the most difficult achievement in the game.

There are a few ways you can make the process of unlocking the Fall Guys Infallible trophy easier:

  1. Play with friends: Having a full party of 4 players will help you win particularly tough team games.
  2. Play conservatively: Stick near the front of the pack, but don’t do anything dangerous. You need to play risk-free to win.
  3. Play with a controller: If you’re a PC player, the mouse and keyboard won’t cut it.

Of course, there’s no guarantee of getting the trophy/achievement regardless of how well you perform, given the nature of Fall Guys. At the time of this writing, only a select few have managed to do so (via PSN Profiles), but we imagine this number will rise in the near future.

Is there a Fall Guys Infallible glitch?

Credit: Reddit / u/TheMrMadzen

Due to the tough nature of unlocking the Infallible trophy and achievement, many have wondered if there is a Fall Guys Infallible glitch that makes this process easier. Unfortunately, that doesn’t appear to be the case, with those who have unlocked it sharing that they were mostly just lucky.

Reddit user u/TheMrMadzen (via USGamer) noted that his run was “unreal” given the relatively easy rounds he was given.

“End Matches were 3xCrown games and 2xTail games, the luck was unreal I guess,” he wrote. “One of the Crown games 3 were ahead of me but all failed to grab the crown.”

So there you have it. If you want to unlock the Fall Guys Infallible trophy and achievement, you’ll need to keep your head in the game, but also hope that luck is on your side.