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When is Fall Guys coming to mobile?

When is Fall Guys coming to mobile? Gamers have been having tons of fun with Mediatonic and Devolver Digital’s party Battle Royale game, but it’s only available on PC and PS4 right now. When can you play Fall Guys on iOS and Android?

Beware fake Fall Guys mobile games

When is Fall Guys coming to mobile? falling

Unsurprisingly, Fall Guys has been stunningly popular. More than two million people own the game on Steam and many millions more got it for free on PS4 as part of their PlayStation Plus membership. Sadly, a popular game also means that it’s ripe for scam attempts.

“Fall Guys is only available on PC & PS4,” stated a tweet from the game’s official account. “If you see any ads for a mobile version they are scams.”

There are undoubtedly scams (and a fair few knock-offs) trying to fill the void, but these aren’t the official Fall Guys game. You can always check out which platforms are officially supported on the game’s official website. That leaves us with one big question: when is Fall Guys coming to mobile?

When is Fall Guys coming to mobile?

When is Fall Guys coming to mobile? cheer

If you’re hoping to play Fall Guys on Android or iOS, there’s a bit of bad news: it hasn’t released on those platforms just yet.

“Getting lots of questions about platforms,” read a tweet on the Fall Guys Twitter. “We’ve answered in a few places but once more for everyone: We’re focusing on PC & PS4 right now[.] We’d love to release on more platforms in future[.]”

So there you have it. Right now, mobile gamers are going to be stuck waiting for Mediatonic and Devolver Digital to port their fantastically-popular game to other platforms. It’s not all bad news, though! The game’s controls are tremendously simple, so it shouldn’t be that difficult for the devs to port it to Android and iOS. Hopefully, we’ll be able to enjoy Fall Guys on our phones and tablets sooner rather than later.