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Hyrule Warriors Character Guide (Part 1)

Character Guide (Part 1)

Link (Available at the start of the game)

  • Knight's Sword: Starting weapon
  • White Sword: Capture East Cannon Keep (Sealed Grounds - Sealed Ambition)
  • 8-Bit Wooden Sword: Beat Valley of Seers - Shining Beacon
  • Master Sword: Beat Temple of the Sacred Sword - Sacred Sword


  • Fire Rod: Capture Tunnel Square (Eldin Caves - The Sheikah Tribesman)
  • Prism Rod: "A" rank in Adventure Mode 5-7
  • Magical Rod: "A" rank in Adventure Mode 6-2


  • Silver Gauntlets: Beat Adventure Mode 5-9
  • Golden Gauntlets: "A" rank in Adventure Mode 6-12

Impa (Beat Hyrule Field - The Armies of Ruin)


  • Giant's Knife: Starting weapon
  • Biggoron's Knife: Capture E. Boulder Keep (Death Mountain - Land of Myth)


  • Guardian Naginata: Beat Adventure Mode 7-9
  • Scorching Naginata: "A" rank in Adventure Mode 7-11
  • Sheikah Naginata: "A" rank in Adventure Mode 4-15

Sheik (Beat Eldin Caves - The Sheikah Tribesman)


  • Godess's Harp: Starting weapon
  • Typhoon Harp: Capture Temple Face Keep (Lake Hylia - The Water Temple)

Lana (Beat Faron Woods - The Sorceress of the Woods)

Books of Sorcery

  • Spirit's Tome: Starting weapon
  • Sealing Tome: Capture Lower Level East (Palace of Twilight - the Shadow King)


  • Deku Spear: Capture West Keep (Valley of Seers - The Sorceress of the Valley)
  • Kokiri Spear: "A" rank in Adventure Mode 6-7
  • Faron Spear: "A" rank in Adventure Mode 8-12

Summoning Gates

  • Gate of Time: Beat Adventure Mode 3-16

Darunia (Beat Death Mountain - Land of Myth)


  • Magic Hammer: Starting weapon
  • Igneous Hammer: "A" rank in Adventure Mode 3-13

Zelda (Beat Lake Hylia - The Water Temple)


  • Polished Rapier: Starting weapon
  • Glittering Rapier: Capture S. Temple Hall (Temple of the Sacred Sword - The Sacred Sword)


  • Wind Waker: Beat Adventure Mode 5-12
  • Sacred Baton: "A" rank in Adventure Mode 8-2