Battletoads Online Multiplayer | Is it local co-op only?

Just like the original game, the upcoming Battletoads reboot is best played with friends. Can you do so remotely over the internet, though? Is there Battletoads online multiplayer? Stick around as we cover whether there’s Battletoads online co-op or playing cooperatively is restricted to local multiplayer.

Battletoads Online Multiplayer | Can you play co-op over the internet?

Battletoads online multiplayer

Unfortunately, Battletoads (2020) does not support online multiplayer. If you want to have friends join you, the only option is a local couch co-op session.

While the lack of online co-op support is disappointing, it’s likely intended to harken back to the NES original. One valid criticism is Battletoads‘ release timing, however, with many people currently in lockdown and unable to host visitors for local cooperative play.

The Battletoads achievements were recently revealed on the Xbox Wire and place a heavy emphasis on co-op. Some achievements can be earned with just two players, though several require a full session of three players. That includes all three players staying alive for five minutes on bikes — if the requirement is anything like the original Turbo Tunnel level, this could be incredibly challenging.

Whether Rare, Microsoft, and Dlala will choose to release a Battletoads online multiplayer update remains to be seen. We’d wager that the demand is there, but integrating that sort of feature post-launch is likely no small task. That’s assuming that there’s any desire to in the first place, as the team may want to preserve Battletoads‘ retro couch co-op feel.

Battletoads Online Multiplayer | Is it local co-op only?

  • Battletoads 2020 does not feature online co-op support.
  • Local couch co-op multiplayer is supported for up to three players.

With only local co-op being supported, Battletoads would be a great fit for the Switch and its detachable Joy-Con controllers. Find out if the game is scheduled to release on Nintendo’s hybrid handheld right here.