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Rogue Legacy 2 | You hear a thousand whispers, but can’t make out a voice guide

When you’re playing through Rogue Legacy 2, you’ll come across magical flames throughout the castle that you can examine. However, when you first start playing, you’ll only get a message stating, “You hear a thousand whispers, but can’t make out a voice,” when you check them. These flames are called Memory Fragments, and you must decipher them to progress to the Citadel of Agartha’s boss. To hear the whispers in Rogue Legacy 2, you’ll need to find an Heirloom item, Aesop’s Tome.

What to do at the thousand whispers flames in Rogue Legacy 2

Rogue Legacy 2 Thousand Whispers

To decipher the whispers in the flames and hear the Memory Fragments, you’ll need to find Aesop’s Tome. Unfortunately, the layout of the castle changes each time you visit it, so there’s no easy way to find the room that contains the tome.

You’ll need to locate the room that contains the Inner Demons Insight. Though this room won’t be found in the same place each time you visit the castle, it’ll always look the same. It’s a vertical room that has lanterns leading upward. You have to bounce between these lanterns to reach the top of the chamber. When you get to the top, you’ll find a kneeling statue. In the statue’s hands, you’ll find the Inner Demons Insight. After examining it, you’ll be transported to another area to complete Aesop’s Challenge.

When you complete the challenge, you’ll gain the Power of Empathy, which is symbolized by Aesop’s Tome. This heirloom gives you the ability to Calm Nightmares, which soothes the Memory Fragments and allows you to hear their message.

Getting to Aesop’s Challenge shouldn’t take too long. It’s a relatively common room, but RNG can be cruel. If you’re looking to specifically just get Aesop’s Tome during a run, just dodge past enemies and seek out the room. That way, you can save HP to explore.