Are there Black Myth: Wukong microtransactions?

Are there Black Myth: Wukong microtransactions? Following its impressive gameplay reveal, some gamers are wondering if there’s a potential “sting in the tail” to follow. Questions of Black Myth: Wukong MTX are circulating, though the developers have been kind enough to share some early details to clear up the confusion. Here’s the latest info on Black Myth: Wukong in-app purchases.

Does Black Myth: Wukong have microtransactions?

Black Myth: Wukong microtransactions

Black Myth: Wukong is not a free-to-play game, though the developer “will not rule out” the implementation of microtransactions (“in-app purchases”) in the future. That’s not a confirmation of Black Myth: Wukong microtransactions at launch, though MTX could be present or added later.

This information comes from the Black Myth: Wukong website, which we translated to English from Chinese using Google Translate. As a result, keep in mind that some of the finer details may be lost in translation at this early stage.

In the FAQ section, the devs respond to the question “What is the payment model of ‘Wukong‘?” After confirming that the game will be purchasable via the “classic stand-alone payment model of the one-time buyout system” (read: not free-to-play), they move onto post-launch monetization. The devs “will not rule out the sale of DLC and non-numerical in-app purchases in the future.”

We interpret “non-numerical in-app purchases” to mean cosmetics — or at least microtransactions that don’t affect gameplay. That’d mean no purchasable items with unique stats attached to give players an advantage, essentially. We could be misinterpreting this, though the devs’ invitation to “save a screenshot of this answer” seems to back up the fact that they don’t plan to include any controversial MTX practices.

Are there Black Myth: Wukong microtransactions?

All the latest information on Black Myth: Wukong microtransactions is listed below:

  • Black Myth: Wukong is not free-to-play, though the developers “will not rule out” microtransactions.
  • They could be present when the game launches or added “in the future” via an update.
  • Alternatively, they may not end up featuring in the game at all.
  • If there are Black Myth: Wukong MTX, they will be “non-numerical in-app purchases” according to the devs.
  • We interpret “non-numerical in-app purchases” to essentially mean nothing that will impact gameplay balance.

Stick with us for updates on Black Myth: Wukong microtransactions.

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