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Is there Mortal Shell fast travel?

A Mortal Shell fast travel system would be invaluable. The game is rather difficult at times so skipping all of the hard enemies would be an incredibly worthwhile system. So can you fast travel in Mortal Shell?

Is there Mortal Shell fast travel?

Is there Mortal Shell fast travel?

Yes, there is traditional fast travel in Mortal Shell. However, you will have to earn it and it will take quite some time. You can’t warp from Sester to Sester (which are essentially the game’s bonfire checkpoints) nor can you just blink to the starting point of each area in the beginning of the game. You’re going to have to manually hoof it there each time if you don’t have the Ornate Mask. This mask is reward to players once they have unlocked all of a shell’s abilities (you can read more about the shells here). Sester Genessa will sell you the Ornate Mask will cost 30 glimpses and it will let you travel to the other discovered Sesters.

It will take a lot of Tar and glimpses (here’s how to earn glimpses) to even get to that point since they all have a couple expensive abilities. It’s possible if you specialize, but that might doom you later one if you want to use another shell.

However, there are some tangential items that function as some sort of very loose Mortal Shell fast travel system in the sense that they’ll get you somewhere quickly. They aren’t as good as the Ornate Mask, but they do help you get around. These fast travel items are:

  • Untarnished Mask
  • Tarnished Mask

The Untarnished Mask is a consumable that sends you back to Sester Genessa. You can find these relatively rare items around the environment and you can even buy them from Genessa once you upgrade a shell all of the way.

She will also give you the Tarnished Mask when you die. This item also send you back to Genessa, but it will cost all of your glimpses. That may be worth it if you have no glimpses, but probably not if you have a few. Glimpses are invaluable so giving them up might not be the best move.