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Risk of Rain 2 Shrine of Order | Locations and Use

There are a variety of shrines in Risk of Rain 2. Some are common, while some only appear rarely. The Shrine of Order is one of the rarest shrines, and it carries the potential to completely make or break your current run. Here’s where to find a Shrine of Order and how they work.

Risk of Rain 2 | Shrine of Order Locations and Use

Risk of Rain 2 Shrine of Order - Location and How It Works

Few structures in Risk of Rain 2 present as much opportunity or danger as the Shrine of Order. You can only find them in Rallypoint Delta or Commencement, where they have a rare chance to spawn in a random location. They cost one Lunar Coin to use, and they reduce your item pool to just one type of item of each rarity.

These are risky shrines to use, mainly because they randomly decide which items you get to keep. However, they stand to show you some of the most absurd possibilities that Risk of Rain 2 has to offer.

How It Works

Here’s how the Shrine of Order works. First, it looks at your total pool of items of all rarities. Then, it selects one of your items of each rarity. Finally, it gives you stacks of those chosen items based on the total number of items you had at each tier.

For example, let’s say you have the following 24 Common items: Tougher Times x 8, Soldier’s Syringe x 6, Gasoline x 4, and Rusted Key x 6. Donating a Lunar Coin at the Shrine of Order would give you a 24-count stack of one of those four items.

Which item is chosen is not based around your previous stack counts. Instead, all items you had in your inventory are given an even chance to be picked. In the example, each Common item has a flat 25% chance to be chosen. The shrine won’t give you items you weren’t previously carrying.

The Shrine of Order repeats this process for each rarity. When it’s done, you’ll have the exact same number of Common, Uncommon, Legendary, Boss, and Lunar items as before. The only difference is that you’ll have just one type of item of each rarity, inflated to the number of total items you were carrying at that tier. Make sense?

Why Would Anyone Use the Shrine of Order?

Risk of Rain 2 - Why use Shrine of Order?

You may be wondering why you’d want to reduce your overall variety of items. Truth is, there’s no good answer. Using the Shrine of Order is very risky, since it may give you huge amounts of powerful items, or you may wind up with an inventory full of your least-useful items.

It plays into the whole risk-versus-reward thing. In early loops, you may get a 20- or 30-stack of a good item, like Lens Maker’s Glasses. You’d have a much easier time later because you gained a massive amount of crit potential early in your run. However, you might wind up with a stack of something that doesn’t help, like the Warbanner. Considering you lost all your items to get that one stack, you’d be stuck with only a single effect.

If the right items are chosen, you may find that you’ve become surprisingly powerful. A stack of 100 Fireworks is certainly a sight to behold, and it still provides a way to deal with monsters. The flip side is that if the wrong items are chosen, you’re effectively crippled. After all, 20 Wax Quails aren’t going to help you defeat enemies.

The Shrine of Order may give you huge stacks of your best items. It also may give you huge stacks of your worst items. It’s all up to chance. If you want to roll the dice and get sequenced, find one on either Rallypoint Delta or Commencement.