Will there be a Nintendo Direct in September 2020?

Will there be a Nintendo Direct September 2020 presentation? With no E3 Direct this summer and August coming to a close, Nintendo fans are hoping that a Sept 2020 Direct will bring some big reveals. Is it likely to happen, though? Here’s what you need to know about whether there might be a September 2020 Nintendo Direct live stream.

Nintendo Direct September 2020 | Is there a stream planned?

Nintendo Direct September 2020

At the time of writing, no Nintendo Direct September 2020 presentation has been confirmed. Despite this, VentureBeat journalist Jeff Grubb (who has broken news on several of this summer’s events ahead of time) has indicated that the next Nintendo Direct may take place “by the middle of September” in 2020.

Grub asserted that Nintendo could host up to two events in the near future on the GameBeat Decides podcast. The first is apparently planned for this Friday, August 28, though Grub notes that he’s “not confident at all” this a full Nintendo Direct. He states that “it could be any number of things,” though does reassure fans that they can “expect a Direct equivalent by the middle of September.”

If Grub is correct, we could see a Direct Mini in August and a full-on Nintendo Direct in September 2020. This is exciting news, especially considering that the last Nintendo Direct took place way back in September 2019.

The timing looks to line up, with the Direct seemingly scheduled to take place one year after its predecessor. Nintendo has also hosted Directs for the last four consecutive Septembers, indicating that the company sees the month as a valuable time to build hype towards the lucrative holiday sales period.

What’s more, with Gamescom 2020 set to conclude on August 30, September would be a great time for Nintendo to hitch a ride on the back of that particular hype train.

Will there be a Nintendo Direct in September 2020?

  • Currently, Nintendo hasn’t confirmed that it will host a September 2020 Nintendo Direct.
  • VentureBeat journalist Jeff Grubb claims that the next Nintendo Direct should take place “by the middle of September.”
  • Historically, Nintendo likes to produce September Direct presentations.
  • An early September 2020 Nintendo Direct would follow directly on from Gamescom, capitalizing on industry hype.

We’ll keep you posted regarding any official Nintendo Direct September 2020 information.