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Is there a Mortal Shell DLC release date?

Will there be Mortal Shell DLC? The streamlined Soulslike is proving incredibly popular (just look at our review), which has players chomping at the bit for more. With demand for a Mortal Shell expansion being high, is there any news on a Mortal Shell DLC release date? Keep scrolling to learn all the latest information in this guide.

Mortal Shell DLC | Is there an expansion release date?

Mortal Shell DLC

At the time of writing, unfortunately, there are no confirmed Mortal Shell DLC plans. The developer has previously stated that no Mortal Shell expansions are currently in the pipeline, meaning there’s no Mortal Shell downloadable content release date to share.

The game’s producer at Cold Symmetry, Kiron Ramdewar, told Flextralife (via SP1st) that the dev team was “not working actively on any DLC” two months ago. At the time, however, Mortal Shell had not yet shipped. Ramdewar and company were busy ensuring that the game has a smooth launch, though, now that that’s out of the way, DLC plans may have changed.

In the same interview, Ramdewar notes that the team “would love to do more shells” and also has “some cool ideas for different shells, different weapons.” Now that the game is out and proving to be successful, it’s possible that these Mortal Shell DLC ideas will be set in motion.

Though new Mortal Shell weapons and shells would be welcomed with open arms, we’re still left none the wiser on a potential Mortal Shell story expansion. It’d be a much larger undertaking for the devs than adding items to the existing game, however, so perhaps that’ll be dependant on how well any other DLC performs.

Will there be Mortal Shell DLC?

Here’s all the latest information on a potential Mortal Shell DLC release date:

  • Currently, there are no confirmed Mortal Shell DLC plans.
  • The game’s developers would “love” to release more shells and weapons as downloadable content.
  • It’s unclear whether or not those plans will ever come to fruition.
  • No comments were made regarding a possible Mortal Shell story expansion.

Stay tuned for Mortal Shell DLC updates as and when official details drop.