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When is the Fall Guys Squad mode release date?

When is the Fall Guys Squad mode release date? Talk of a new Fall Guys team-based mode is circulating, but when should you expect it to be added to the game? Stick with this guide for all the current info on the upcoming Fall Guys Squad game type.

What is the Fall Guys Squad mode release date?

Fall Guys Squad mode

Currently, there is no confirmed Fall Guys Squad mode release date. We do know that the developers are currently playtesting Squad mode, however,  which indicates that the Fall Guys Squad mode launch date could be soon.

In an interview with Kotaku AustraliaFall Guys‘ lead designer Joe Walsh confirmed that Mediatonic is working on Squad mode. The studio is “playtesting new stuff almost every day” in order to keep Fall Guys an exciting and varied experience. One of these all-new “interesting ways to play” is a Squad mode.

Unfortunately, Walsh doesn’t elaborate any further than that. While it’s unclear what exactly Fall Guys‘ Squad mode will entail at this time, it is possible to speculate. Fall Guys already features a variety of team-based rounds, so our best guess is that Squad mode will compile these into completely team-based matches. If that is the case and every player on the winning team earns a Crown, the Fall Guys Squad mode could be a great way to level up quickly and purchase new skins.

When will the Fall Guys Squad mode come out?

If you want to know when Fall Guys‘ Squad mode is due to release, here’s the latest information:

  • At the time of writing, no official Fall Guys Squad mode release date has been revealed.
  • Squad mode is already being playtested internally, indicating it could release soon.
  • Details on the Fall Guys Squad mode are currently scarce, but we’d speculate that it will revolve around entirely team-based matches.
  • If all players on the winning team earn a Crown, Squad mode could prove very popular.

Cheaters should be less of a problem in Squad mode too, assuming that they’re still around when it launches.