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What is the Apex Legends Shadow Royale mode?

What is the Apex Legends Shadow Royale mode? Recent Apex Legends patch data indicates that a new game type is scheduled to hit the game later this year. Keep scrolling for the latest details on what exactly Shadow Royale is and when you can expect to play the new Apex Legends game mode.

Apex Legends Halloween 2020 Event | What is Shadow Royale mode?

Apex Legends Shadow Royale

According to a recent leak, Apex Legends Shadow Royale mode is a variant of last year’s Shadowfall event. Like Shadowfall, Shadow Royale is scheduled to take place during the Halloween period. A.I. Infected and Spider enemies should also make a return, potentially in a larger role than before.

The Apex Legends Shadow Royale information comes from prolific leaker Shrugtal. In a tweet, the data miner confirmed that “recent patch data” indicates that the Apex Legends Halloween 2020 event will be a Shadowfall variant titled Shadow Royale.

As noted in the second portion of Shrugtal’s tweet, it appears that the zombie-like Infected and Spider enemies will return. In Shadowfall they merely had a chance of emerging from loot bins, though they could make a “regular appearance” in Shadow Royale. While it isn’t 100% clear what that means at this stage, it could indicate that they’ll roam the map freely.

What is Shadow Royale in Apex Legends?

  • According to recent leaks, Shadow Royale is the Apex Legends 2020 Halloween event.
  • The Apex Legends Shadow Royale Halloween event is allegedly a variant of last year’s Shadowfall mode.
  • Infected and Spiders may return in a larger role than before.

2019’s Shadowfall event ran from October 15 to November 5; keeping that in mind, the Apex Legends Shadow Royale start date is most likely October 13, 2020. The reason for this is that Apex events traditionally start and end on Tuesdays. Potentially, the Apex Legends Shadow Royale end date will be November 3, 2020. That’d give players the same amount of time over the Halloween period to play this new Apex Legends limited-time mode.