Box art - The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Weapon and Item Guide

Weapon and Item Guide

Heart Piece Locations
  • Blacksmith's House
  • Blacksmith's Shop
  • Cucco Ranch (Minigame)
  • Death Mountain (x3)
  • Eastern Palace (x2)
  • Graveyard (x2)
  • Hyrule Castle
  • Kakariko Village (x2)
  • Lorule Baseball Derby (Minigame)
  • Lorule Rupee Rush (Minigame)
  • Lost Woods
  • Misery Mire
  • Palace of Darkness
  • Race to the Miner's House (Minigame)
  • Ruined Miner's House
  • Rupee Rush (Minigame)
  • Swamp of Evil
  • Swamp Ruins
  • Thieves Town (x3)
  • Treacherous Tower
  • Turtle Rock Dungeon
  • Zora River

Master Ore Locations

  • Dark Palace (requires Bombs)
  • Lorule Cemetary Dungeon (requires Titan's Mitt)
  • Skull Woods Dungeon
  • Thieves Hideout


  • Red Potion: Restores eight hearts (50 rupees)
  • Blue Potion: Restores all hearts (10 monster tails/200 rupees)
  • Yellow Potion: Invulnerability for a short time (10 monster horns/100 rupees)
  • Purple Potion: Damages all enemies around you (10 monster guts/60 rupees)


  • Blue Tunic: The blue tunic cuts enemy damage in half. It can be found on B1 of the Swamp Palace.
  • Bug Catching Net: When you find an Empty Bottle, go to the Bee Man to receive the Bug Catching Net. He wants you to go find a bee to put inside the bottle, but you can catch other things too. Completing all Tower of Treachery levels awards players the Super Net, which does a useful 360-degree attack.
  • Lantern: Link obtains this at the beginning of the game. It allows him to light torches and solve particular puzzles. Beating the advanced level in Treacherous Tower results in the Super Lamp, which can be used as a weapon.
  • Pegasus Boots: These are obtained from the Shady Guy in Kakriko Village, but first you have to visit the Zoras and discover he stole the Queen's Gem. Back at Kakariko Village, do not approach him directly or he'll run away. Instead, merge with the wall and sneak up behind him. After that he will hand over the Pegasus Boots, which allow players to sprint faster.
  • Power Glove: An item that allows Link to pick up and throw small rocks. Talk to Rosso (upper left of the map, near Death Mountain) to receive the gift.
  • Red Tunic: The red tunic reduces enemy damage by half. Players will find it in the final dungeon in Lorule Castle, on the fourth floor. You must swipe your sword at the torches to rid of the flames in front of the locked door, and then the path to the chest will be revealed (Combining the blue and red tunics does not negate all damage. The max defense bonus is 75%).
  • Titan's Mitt: An upgraded version of the Power Glove which is found in a chest inside Desert Palace. It allows Link to pick up and throw much larger rocks.


All weapons listed below come from Ravio's Shop, in which he lets you either rent or purchase new equipment. The first weapon you buy will be half off, so be sure to purchase one of the most expensive ones.


WeaponRental PricePurchase Price
Tornado Rod50800
Sand Rod100800
Fire Rod1001200
Ice Rod1001200