Box art - Super Smash Bros. (3DS)

Super Smash Bros. (3DS) Hints and Tips

Hints and Tips

Super Smash Bros. 3DS contains a seemingly endless number of in-game hints and tips to help prospective fighters and their way to victory. Listed below are just some of the useful tips the game provides.

  • Bowser's Fire Breath: Fire Breath loses power the longer it is used. Waiting a short time between bursts will wllow it to recharge.
  • Donkey Kong's Hand Slap: DK's Hand Slap affects a large area around him. However, it won't hit airborne fighters.
  • Link's Side Smash Attack: Press the button again to attack a second time. The second attack has more launching power.
  • Mii Brawler's Feint Jump: A long leap forward while turning upside down. If you hit the attack button on the way down, you'll perform a jump attack.
  • Olimar's Pikmin Order: Olimar's whistle calls back his scattered Pikmin. Even the ones that are goofing off.
  • Olimar's Pikmin Pluck: Olimar will always pluck the Pikmin in this order: red, yellow, blue, white, purple.
  • Pit's Power of Flight: Pit's wings glow and then send him flying in the direction you choose. This move travels a long way, making it an excellent recovery.
  • Robin's Thunder: Robin will use one of four magic spells, depending on how long you charge Thunder. The color the tome glows indicates which spell will be used.


  • Blast Box: This item be risky, since fire attacks will detonate it straight away. However, it's safe to hit or throw it.
  • Fire Bar: Five fireballs are linked to the hilt of this weapon. As you attack with it, the number of fireballs decreases.
  • Hocotate Bomb: The bomb detonates when it hits the ground. It has a big blast range, but the fighter who launched it is immune.
  • Lip's Stick: If you're hit by one of these, a flower blooms on your head and slowly does damage. It's so pretty, it's a shame it hurts...
  • Master Ball: A purple ball with the letter M on it. Unlike a regular Poke Ball, there's almost always a Legendary inside.

Smash Run

  • Area Lockdown: When the screen locks in place and swarms of enemies start to appear, hold your ground. Leaving the screen then will count as a KO.
  • Cannonball Effect: When you defeat an enemy, it will fly off like a cannonball and deal damage to other enemies it hits.
  • Challenge Doors: Go into the red door if you are ready for a challenge! If you clear the challenge, you can get great rewards!
  • Powerful Enemies: Strong enemies like Reapers drop lots of items. These can include rare rewards.
  • Powers and Speed: Slower fighters can carry more Powers. Putting on equipment that makes you faster or slower will affects this too!
  • Star-shaped Stat Boosts: These star-shaped stat boosts will improve all six stats. You'll get them from treasure chests or by defeating special enemies.
  • Stat Boosts: Just running and attacking will slowly boost your speed and attack stats.
  • Stat Boost Special: Some special moves won't just deal more damage - they'll also take less time to charge or have an expanded range.
  • Using Powers: Using Powers aggressively at the start will let you beat enemies easily for some early stat boosts. That'll make later foes easier too.


  • 3D Land's Lifts on Rails: During the ocean scene, the lift will travel along rails. Look ahead to spot where lifts are going next! Find the premium fighting spot!
  • 3D Land's Protruding Rocks: The mountain range partway through the stage has rocks sticking out from it. The platform tilts and pushes fighters, so watch out!
  • 3D Land's Rotating Platforms: This rotating platform may seem like a good place to fight, but it'll toss anyone who's still on it when it rotates!
  • Arena Ferox: Four types of platforms appear on this stage. Some of them can be destroyed! The statues too!
  • Distant Planet: The slanted hill on the left side of the stage will flood with water when it rains. The strong current can sweep you off the edge. Watch out!
  • Find Mii: The Dark Emperor uses random magic during the battle. What effect his magic will have is displayed on the bottom of the screen.
  • Golden Plains: The scalelike platforms will tilt and fall if there is no one on the other side. Get two fighters on there to see who weighs more!
  • Golden Plains II: Collect 100 coins and you'll turn to gold! You'll become generally more powerful and won't flinch at all.
  • Living Room: The falling blocks are really painful if they land on you. Avoid damage by watching the shadows and moving before the blocks land.
  • PictoChat 2: The stage changes as the background changes. Adjust your tactics depending on the drawing shown in the background.
  • Spirit Train: This train travels left at extremely high speed. You'll need more luck than any one fighter has if you want to survive falling off the back.
  • Tortimer Island: Kapp'n's boat will sail out to sea after some time has passed. Disembark before he sails you off the stage!


  • Breaking Your Fall: When you hit the wall, floor, or ceiling after being launched, press the shield button to break your fall and avoid follow-up attacks.
  • Clinging to Walls: Some fighters can temporarily stick to walls if yu keep holding in the direction of the wall. Not every wall is good for this move, though...
  • Crouch Walking: Some fighters can move while crouched if you input diagonally down to the left or right.
  • Custom Special Moves: Each of the custom special moves have different attributes. Choose carefully to create the perfect fighter for yur play style.
  • Equipment: Fighters can carry up to three pieces of equipment. Carrying different equipment can really change teh way you play a fighter.
  • Grab: You have to wait at least a second between letting go of an opponent and grabbing them again, so be patient!
  • Letting Go of Items: Press the grab button to drop the item you're holding. Even an item dropped like this deals a small amount of damage.
  • Shield Break: While your shield is up, it'll gradually get smaller. When it finally breaks, you'll become dizzy.
  • Smash Throw: When you throw an item, quickly press in the same direction as your throw. You'll throw it farther than usual that way.
  • Throwing Items: Drop items by pressing the grab button. Input a direction when you drop an item to throw the item in that direction.
  • Types of Equipment: Equipment can affect either attack, defense, or speed. You can equip more than one piece of the same type.
  • Wall Jumping: Some fighters can jump off walls. Input in the opposite direction while touching the wall to do this.