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Tell Me Why Police Station Computer Password | Hacking 101 Achievement

When you visit the Delos Crossing Police Department in chapter 1 of Tell Me Why, you may stumble upon a computer that requires a password to access it. Accessing this computer is entirely optional, but it does have some interesting backstory on characters you’ll meet as you continue to play. Finding the password to the computer is also required for the Hacking 101 achievement, so if you’re a completionist, you’ll want to figure it out.

What is the password to the reception computer in the police department in Tell Me Why chapter 1?

You’ll notice that the Delos Crossing Police Department is locked up pretty tight when you first arrive. This includes the receptionist area. You won’t be able to access that location until you meet Eddy and obtain the keys from him.

Once you have Eddy’s keys, you can enter the reception area and access the computer, but you’ll find that it’s password locked. Fortunately, one officer of the Delos PD is lax with their cybersecurity.

Head over to the desk opposite the stairway. This is Dee Wilson’s desk, and today was her birthday. Instead of getting her a present, open her desk drawer and grab her locker key. Now, head down the hall and unlock the last door on the right. After you enter that hallway, take the first door on the right to find the locker room.

Tell Me Why Police Station Computer Password Hint

Dee’s locker is the only one you can open in here. Inside you’ll find a memo detailing the police department’s new administrative software. Luckily for you, Dee has put a clue about her password on the sheet. The sticky note she’s placed on it says, “Winner on my 20th birthday,” alongside a cute drawing of a dog.

Tell Me Why Police Station Computer Password Hint 2

Head back to Dee’s desk and place her locker key back in her drawer. You’ll notice a birthday card on her desk that says it’s her 29th birthday. You’ll also see an Iditarod Trailer Sled Dog Race Winners List posted to her computer monitor’s right.

The game takes place in 2015, so to find out when Dee was 20 we just do some simple math:





Tell Me Why Police Station Computer Correct Password

If you look at the Iditarod list, you’ll see that in 2006 Salem won. Now you have your password. Head to the reception area, and set the user as D. Wilson and enter the password “SALEM.”