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Resident Evil 2 medallion codes and statue locations | Statue puzzle solutions

The Medallion Statues are part of the first big puzzle you need to solve in the RPD as Leon in Resident Evil 2 remake. Each Medallion code unlocks one of three medals you need to unlock the underground tunnel beneath the statue in the RPD main hall. Locating the Medallion Statue codes is one of the first things you’ll do when you reach the RPD, but finding the statues themselves is a bit tougher.

Below, we’ll give you each of the Medallion Statue codes in Resident Evil 2, for both the 1st and 2nd runs, and the statue locations. We’ll also tell you of any special requirements you have to meet to reach each statue.

Where do I get the Medallion codes in Resident Evil 2 1st Run scenario?

To get the Medallion Statue codes in Resident Evil 2 remake you’ll need to make it to the RPD. You’ll find the main hall deserted and the west side doors locked. When you check the computer on the front desk you’ll see a police officer running from a group of zombies in the east wing of the station on the CCTV. It’s your duty to try and save him.

Raise the shutter covering the east passage in the Main Hall by using the switch to the left of it. You can then shimmy under the shutter and head into the east wing. Proceed down the corridor, and when you reach a fork, hang right. You’ll need to push a locker up that is barring your way.

When you pass the locker you’ll hear the police officer start yelling at you to open the shutter in the Watchman’s Room. When you do so, unfortunately, only about half of him makes it through. The one piece of luck on your side, though, is that his notebook makes it through.

The Officer’s Notebook contains the Medallion Statue codes, which are:

Resident Evil 2 Medallion Statue Codes 1st Run

  • Lion Medallion Code:
    • Lion
    • Herb
    • Bird
  • Unicorn Medallion Code:
    • Fish
    • Scorpion
    • Pot Spilling Water
  • Maiden Medallion Code:
    • Woman’s Head
    • Bow and Arrow
    • Snake

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What are the 2nd run Medallion codes in Resident Evil 2?

When you start your 2nd run of Resident Evil 2, you’re probably thinking it’ll be a cinch to get the medallions. After all, you already know the codes, right? Wrong. Unfortunately, our pal Elliot is dead by the time you make it to the RPD during the second run, so there’s no just grabbing his handy, dandy, notebook to get the statue codes this time.

However, you will want to stop in the Watchman’s Room. Though the whole notebook isn’t there, a scrap of paper from it is, and you’ll need it to track down all three codes. Picking it up will give you the first two parts of the Unicorn Statue code, but you’ll need to find more info if you want to get the medallions.

You can find your second clue in the RPD Main Hall. Near the couch where Marvin met his final rest in the first run you’ll find the Notebook with Missing Pages. Inside you’ll find the code for the Maiden Statue, which will give you the info you need to grab two of the three medallions.

The last code can be found in the Lounge, the same area that contains the Unicorn Statue. On a table you’ll find a yellow tin box. When you open it, you’ll uncover a roll of film with a label that says “Lion Statue.” Develop it and you’ll have the third statue code.

The 2nd run medallion codes are:

Resident Evil 2 Medallion Statue Codes 2nd Run

  • 2nd Run Lion Medallion Code:
    • Crown
    • Fire on Pedestal
    • Dove
  • 2nd Run Unicorn Medallion Code:
    • Girl and Boy
    • Scales
    • Snake Without a Looped Tail
  • 2nd Run Maiden Medallion Code:
    • Ram Head
    • Lyre
    • Crow

If you’re looking for that Medallion Statues themselves, read on below.

Resident Evil 2 Lion Medallion Statue Location

Resident Evil 2 Lion Medallion Statue Location

The easiest of the three medallions to find is the Lion Medallion. As soon as you exit the east wing and speak with Marvin you can walk right to it. The Lion Statue is located right up the stairs at the north end of the Main Hall. No obstacles are blocking your way.

Resident Evil 2 Unicorn Medallion Statue Location

Resident Evil 2 Unicorn Medallion Statue Location

To get to the Unicorn Statue you’ll need to head through the west wing of the RPD after unlocking the shutters blocking the reception area. Climb the stairs near the Dark Room up to the third floor and keep going until you’re in the Library.

Once you’re in the Library, descend to the second floor and look for the south-facing door. Head through it and you’ll be in the Lounge, which contains the Unicorn Statue. Input the right code and it’ll give you the Unicorn Medallion.

Resident Evil 2 Maiden Medallion Statue Location

Resident Evil 2 Maiden Medallion Statue Location

Finding the Maiden Statue location is a bit trickier than the other two. You’ll pass right by it on your way to the Unicorn Statue, but you can’t open the way to it the first time through.

In the West Storage Room on the third floor of the RPD there’s a barred area on the south wall. If you look through the bars, you’ll see the Maiden Statue. Unfortunately, the way into that room is blocked by a bunch of debris.

To get through the debris you’ll need to locate the Detonator and Battery and set off the C4 that is attached to it. After that, you can walk in the room and enter the code to get the Maiden Medallion.

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