Risk of Rain 2 - How to complete Glorious Battle

Risk of Rain 2 | How to Complete Glorious Battle

To unlock the Berzerker’s Pauldron in Risk of Rain 2, you need to complete the Glorious Battle challenge. This achievement can be tough, since it requires you to take a lot of damage and survive during a very small frame of time. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to finish Glorious Battle by carefully timing the end of the teleporter event.

How to complete Glorious Battle in Risk of Rain 2

How to complete Glorious Battle in Risk of Rain 2

The Glorious Battle challenge in Risk of Rain 2 requires you to charge the teleporter with less than 10% health remaining. However, you only need to reach the final 1% of the teleporter charge with low health to complete the challenge.

Glorious Battle can be daunting, but there’s a trick you can use to make things easier. During teleporter events, the teleporter itself charges from zero to 100 percent. However, it will never reach a full charge while the boss is still alive.

What you want to do is let the teleporter reach 99%, then leave the teleporter radius. Once you’re outside of the sphere, destroy the boss, making sure to leave a few enemies remaining.

Now, as soon as you enter the sphere again, the teleporter will immediately reach full charge. Before you do that, allow enemies to attack you until you’re under 10% health. Alternatively, you can jump off the side of the map and let fall damage do the work for you.

The tricky part is making sure you don’t die before you go back into the teleporter radius. Fall damage won’t kill you (unless you’re running the Artifact of Frailty), which makes it the safer option. Just remember that health regeneration, especially on Drizzle, could foil your plans by healing you above 10% in the few moments it takes to re-enter the sphere.

Time it up right, and the Glorious Battle challenge will be completed. In return for your efforts, you’ll unlock the Berzerker’s Pauldron, which sends you into a frenzy for six seconds (+4 per stack) after killing three enemies within one second.

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