Box art - Hyspherical

Hyspherical iPhone Cheats

Tips and Tricks

Tapping the center of a circle will create a ball at the very top point of the circle. The ball will begin to orbit the circle at a fixed speed. If you tap and hold a ball, it’ll stop in place until you let go. However, when you first create the circle, it’ll be flashing, which signifies that it cannot be stopped just yet. In order to pass a level you need to have a ball going on every circle, sometimes more depending on the level.

Always keep in mind that when you put down a ball it’ll always start at the top of the circle. Make your strategy accordingly!

Very often a strategy that works is to place one ball down, and wait for it to make a full rotation. Once it gets near the top, place another ball down in another circle. If you time it just right, the balls will be in the exact same places on their respective circles, meaning they should never touch.

Scrub to win! Once the games goes start manually stopping the balls, or “scrubbing”. So if you see an imminent crash stop one of the balls, let the other go, and try to reposition in a good manner for next move.

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