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When is the Marvel’s Avengers review embargo?

When is the Marvel’s Avengers review embargo? With the game’s launch right around the corner and beta impressions mixed, everybody’s eager to see the Marvel’s Avengers reviews. If you want to hear some professional opinions before spending your hard-earned cash on the game, keep scrolling for everything you need to know.

When does the Marvel’s Avengers review embargo lift?

When is the Marvel's Avengers review embargo?

There is no Marvel’s Avengers review embargo. The game is currently in reviewers’ hands, meaning that it shouldn’t be long before the first reviews get published.

While you might see some first impressions content as early as today, full reviews (with an attached score) might take a little longer. Try to be patient and give critics the proper time to experience everything that the game has to offer; that way, they can make a more complete judgment and provide a better verdict. The Game Revolution review will probably hit around this weekend, for example.

If you’re really eager to know more, we have a couple of previews based on time spent with the pre-release builds. Together, the first and second preview should give you a pretty good idea of what to expect if you didn’t get a chance to play the open beta.

When is the Marvel’s Avengers review embargo?

If you want to know when the Marvel’s Avengers review embargo lifts, here’s the relevant information:

  • There isn’t a Marvel’s Avengers review embargo.
  • Reviews for Marvel’s Avengers on PC, PS4, and Xbox One are due anytime now.
  • Although the game is already in critics’ hands, it’ll take some time for them to experience everything the game has to offer.
  • Keeping that in mind, most Marvel’s Avengers reviews should be published later this week.

If you’re interested in picking the game up, clearing some hard drive space is also a good idea. It’s gonna take up a large chunk of your storage, so it’s best to prepare ahead of time.